Gia Lai : Efficient from large sample of sugarcane fields

Update: 12/18/2013

Sugarcane crop in 2013 , An Khe Sugar Factory has deployed a large sample of sugar cane fields in the eastern province of sugarcane . Initially , this model effective , creating peace of mind for farmers , helping to stabilize the plant materials .
Sample is large sugar plantations Sugar Factory model is applying for pilot season 2013 in a few areas under cane Kbang districts , Dak Po , Kong Chro , An Khe town with a total area of ​​320 ha . Characteristics of sugarcane fields are planted area from 5 to 80 ha / fields , plots to carry out demolition of mechanization , shorten labor time and effort while helping increase cane yield than planting normal . When performing a large sample fields , the cane growers have small cane field near each plot will leave shore , Sugar Factory conducting measurement , determine the size of the family . For each hectare of sugarcane , farmers are factory direct investment excluding interest from 13 to 15 million, this amount will be deducted when the plant cane harvest . The plant also helped her land the measure , classify sugarcane varieties to find the appropriate , high yield , and help plow land vehicles , technical guidance sugarcane .
In particular , the farmers will be free to support sludge 30-50 kg / ha for soil improvement . Besides, when making a large sample fields , farmers will be given priority contracted to sell sugarcane to the factory , the factory will undertake cane harvest at the request of the family . When performing a large sample field , her children were taken to make farming machinery , use of science and technology for sugarcane cultivation help significantly increase productivity , while saving labor , thereby reducing labor costs action .
More than 20 households in the rural sugarcane 4 ( Hlo Dak commune , district Kbang ) deployment model 2 large fields with a total area of ​​22 ha . Despite together on a family area but still very reassuring when the plant demarcation , clear mapping of each household . Cane growers said , with the usual planting large cane around 6 months can not be fertilized and weeded by the thick cane . But with double row planting technique that guides the plant , farmers can fertilize and weed full normal sunlight made ​​it to the body sugar cane should also increase . Moreover, in no way this growing area .
Mr. Tong Van Giang Village 4 excited - Head : " Compared with the conventional plant more efficient way to do this really. According to estimates , this year's average yield over 100 tons / ha . " Mr. Pham Quang Tower ( 48 years old , residing in 3 villages , village klah , Yang Bac commune , Dak Po District ) along with brother planted 50 hectares of sugarcane fields larger sample , is currently awaiting harvest . According to Mr. Tower , in comparison with the conventional way of growing large sample field helped him reduce the 2/3 of the cost of labor investment , saving 4-5 million / ha .
Similarly, the last cane crop Le Van Dung (born 1968 , Yang Nam commune , district Kong Chro ) planted 70 hectares of sugarcane fields form . Mr. Dung said : " After deducting investment expenses , the average 1 ha sample field yields about 140 tons , bringing income from 30 to 40 million. Because this model brings efficiency to the next season , my family will plant another 60 hectares of sugarcane fields form again . Currently I have planted 40 hectares of it. "
Mr. Nguyen Hoang Phuoc - Investment Manager - Materials , An Khe Sugar Factory , said: " The model plant sugar cane fields are large factories samples implemented in the 2013 season , according to this survey , most are all yield from 140 to 170 tons / ha , good quality cane . We implemented this model in order to create the best conditions for a long time farmers with cane , sugarcane enriched simultaneously creating stable material for the plant . The next season , the plant will deploy more than 1,000 hectares of sugarcane fields to form large farmers more support . 
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