Tomato prices get high

Update: 8/1/2014

At this time , the northern provinces are entering blooming tomato harvest . Visit the tomato growing areas in Hanoi , Bac Ninh , Bac Giang , Nam Dinh , Vinh Phuc ... , most tomato growers have general assessment of winter this year has been the season tomato prices , consumer ease easy .
Price stability , always at a high level from 10,000 to 12,000 VND / kg from the beginning of the season so far , twice as high as compared to the previous year . One pole tomatoes ( 360 m2 ) planted at a density of 800 to 900 trees , a tree obtained khoang1 tomatoes , 8 to 2 kg , the average yield from 1,600 to 1,800 kg / sao , with prices calculated on growers tomato earned about 18 million VND , rather than remaining costs .
There are two reasons for tomato prices are always high and stable prices : One is the continuous rain for prolonged wet soil difficult to cultivate . Second implications for tomatoes last year , low prices , high economic efficiency should not this year farmers reduced acreage .
Encouraged by higher income from tomato plants , today many farmers continue planting tomato crop .
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