Cassava harvest season coming

Update: 9/1/2014

Cassava harvest season came , not in any Van Yen ( Yen Bai ) and cassava consumption rates to be as easy this year . Thousands of kiln dried cassava from the end of October last year was fiery , and the starch processing plants are running at full capacity hustle . It is called this season ready ...
From long , Van Yen district is considered the " capital " of high yielding cassava , the cassava KM94 , km60 average yield of 20-25 tons / ha are planted everywhere not only along the coastal commune Red River also climb it take highland Gold Mine , Na Hau , performer lottery ha Phong Du , Xuan Tam ... an area of ​​around 12,000 hectares .
Price of fresh cassava roots are always precarious , early years services 900 e / kg but end up round for the 1700-1900 VND / kg , have early prices for 1600-1700 VND / kg , last only for 500-700 VND / kg , Yen Bai province to support prices for farmers , but many families do not dare to neglect memory available on the hill . Therefore, in 2013 Van Yen district planning only 8,000 ha , 6,500 ha in 2014 , declining acreage of cassava .
The joy of the season farmers ready
Ms. Nguyen Thi Tam village of Cham , Dong Cuong commune has sold nearly 10 tonnes of cassava to 1,400 VND / kg , she said : My family has more than 2 hectares of cassava plantation land here , not taking advantage of newly planted forest crown should cassava intercropped for soil fertility . It is the only gamble with sun , cassava price range last year two thousand , is not high but not cassava had no idea what to plant . Who cassava prices unexpectedly early this year was for three thousand , thousand words . What is the price , my family mobilized all available memory on the hill . Plant and scrambled ovens buy , cassava is sold , the sale price immediately . Prices do not know how where , many more waiting on the new sale price , the price to less than a thousand are waiting just look at that cry ... Ms. Tam estimated revenue this year about 50-60 tonnes of fresh cassava roots , for they are now 70-80 million .
On harvest cassava , the streets around the car brand Apricot crept into the corners of hounds running Kin Kin , who planted cassava and cassava buyers are racing against time . So not in any price of fresh cassava roots and dried cassava prices and favorable selling price as this year , how many sold out much.
Dried Cassava
According to incomplete statistics , there are over 1,000 Yen Van dried cassava drying , oven drying large batches 10-12 tons , small oven 3-5 tons . East Mau has more than 100 kilns , from the beginning to now offer all the fiery furnace . We turned on kiln dried cassava 's family said Nguyen Van Khoi , about 5-6 workers are closing the bag of dried cassava to traders . She said women are not explicitly named , I guess his sister 's house Departure : Hospitality us this mess I put them in the news doing something . I have 3 of the oven drying chamber , a batch of 10 - 12 tons , it is just two and a half days per batch . Dried cassava price currently is 4,200 VND / kg , compared with last year was all .
Van Yen District has two lines of cassava starch processing are also open at full capacity . Mr. Nguyen Van Hai - deputy factory director Van Yen said our crop this year is expected to consume about 50 - 60 thousand tons of fresh cassava farmers , production plan of 15,500 tons of starch . Products are exported to China , offers cost 9 million / ton . Because of the plant starch our high quality , registered geographical indication with the Intellectual Property Department , so many customers are looking to buy ...
Mr. Doan Van Thuy - Deputy Chairman Van Yen district : Many years ago cassava drastic drops , province to mobilize support and processing plant cassava farmers purchasing . This year is different , the kiln dried cassava competes with factory price .
Initially the oven just bought for $ 1,400 / kg , while raising the price to 1,600 plants / kg pay immediately , forcing the furnace to increase processing also follow . Income from cassava farmers this year will be no less than 350 Yen Van billion ...
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