Pineapple on acid - salt soil

Update: 9/1/2014

Tan Phuoc District , Tien Giang Province is one of the country's leading local area pineapple ( pineapple ) with more than 15,000 ha , producing about 250 thousand tons / year . Thanks to the hard working and applying new techniques , pineapple farmers yield , high quality , changing the face of the earth " flood umbilical - umbilical alum " .
Standing in a vast array of pineapple , Nguyen Van Chuc Tan Hoa Tay , a farmer pineapple stick with for years , said: Before entering a new career , the Dong Thap Muoi region that has become vacant wing Council immense clusters . In recent years prices always rise clusters . Especially since last year so far at 3000-4000 dong / kg , farmers have relatively high rates .
Also Nguyen Thi Tam , a farmer in Tan Hoa Thanh , Tan Phuoc district has 2 hectares of land , previously , but her family melaleuca unstable price . From source to grow pineapples rate increased 4-5 times . According to Tam , pineapple plant hard work, but encouraging efficiency . From pineapple plantation economy many families have changed markedly .
Previously, when the newly formed Tan Phuoc district , pineapple appear scattered in My Phuoc commune , Thanh My , Thanh Hung ... but so far , most of the communes and towns are growing pineapples . This is considered a staple crop in the alkaline region .
Tan Phuoc District , Tien Giang Province is one of the country's leading local area pineapple ( pineapple )
Stripping Huynh , Permanent Secretary Tan Thanh commune Party Committee said: The commune has 2,000 hectares of pineapple , recently farmers due measure " air stone spray " off season for fruit trees should be quite profitable . Each hectare of pineapple after subtracting expenses , interest of farmers over 20 million / season . Thanks pineapple plantation where many wealthier households rise . Socially we will continue to mobilize people turn arable land or mangrove planting rice to clump inefficient .
However, the clumps on land SX Tan Phuoc always difficult , due to annual flood , the pineapple fields were submerged in water . To help farmers SX , state investment in construction of flood control levees box . So far , the district has invested in building levees to the 134 cells clump material and replacing oil pumps to electric pumps to reduce costs for people using Drainage pumps .
To ensure the levees box is sturdy and long-term , annual Steering Committee for Flood and Storm & Disaster Reduction District of advocacy are highly conscious people , was very protective levees , actively reinforcing the dyke crucial to avoiding erosion , mangrove planting on dikes , some concrete dike to ensure safety when the flood of pineapple .
Before the sudden change of tides annually , the current water level has risen higher than the same period in 2012 was 0.23 m . So flood prevention for pineapple is always a special level of interest and deployment of robust action plan . Arrange each cell equipped with two electric pumping stations dikes replace the oil pump with inefficient means of preparing people in place under the motto " 4 -spot " ( in place forces and means in place commander on the spot and logistics in place ) to protect the levees box when suddenly rising flood or landslide occurs dike .
Besides, the thought " feet underground golden rule " , many people have land outside the dike box refuses to comply with the recommendations of industry transformation function that crops remain loyal pineapple and hope flood year after year is lower than before . However, tides are complicated , many suburban households levees suffer crop losses , if lucky, recouping capital .
Standing before the crowd than 1 ha wetland clusters profusely , Ms. Tran Thi Nam - Tan Thanh commune farmers , Tan Phuoc District sad wine : " Last year , my family could enlist early planting to harvest before the flood , public unexpected flood early this year , rising young clusters are not able to harvest , this look like white hands " .
To reduce cell damage outside the dike area , agriculture has always accompanied and advised farmers to follow the rules of the tide to reduce the damage caused by floods , ensure maintaining seedlings next season maintain production and market supply 250 thousand tons / year .
For those located in protected cell dike safety , handling enlist and apply for reverse colonization measures , technical process , the productivity and quality of Tan Phuoc pineapple fruit gradually increased. Currently, the average yield was about 20 tons / ha .
Mr. Huynh Van sad , Head of Tan Phuoc District Agriculture and Rural Development , said: " Looking ahead we will coordinate with the Department of Agriculture and Rural Development , Department of Science and Technology and Research Institute of Southern fruit enhanced technique transfer to farmers people pineapple varieties of good quality standard VietGAP treatment plants to service the contrary ... " .
Output current for large pineapple , besides traders from Ho Chi Minh City and other provinces , in Tien Giang Vegetables also have Long Dinh Joint Stock Company has contracts with farmers and processing and sale of products to pineapple juice processing provides the domestic market and export . Recently , Tan Phuoc district farmers replication Son pineapple plantation , pineapple Phoenix to serve common needs five fruits tray on Tet. Many households have more income from other types of clusters larger scene.
It can be said , from pineapple " sharp object ' on the ground ' flood umbilical - umbilical alum " has gone through many ups and downs , is now to take advantage of their strengths , becoming the staple crop of the district , help farmers in Dong Thap Muoi overcome difficulties and strive to better-off , contributing to bring a new face for the land was dubbed " sleeping tiger " .
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