Soc Trang: Bumper onion

Update: 1/13/2014

These days , the kingdom onion Yongzhou ( Soc Trang ) , we feel very close to the festival atmosphere . As the sun faded , strong northeast wind blowing . Coastal sand dunes on earth people scurrying care and onion harvest festival Horse Armor . Department onion ( commercial ) in contempt sea Yongzhou this is considered a " bumper " for a high profit .
According to Nguyen Chi Cong - Vinh Chau District Vice President , Business Tet Giap Ngo purple district has been sown on 500 hectares , concentrated in Ward 2 , Phuoc Vinh and Vinh Chau , Vinh Hai ... Thanks to the attention of the industry training transfer function of science and technology , proactive seed investment capital to high yield from 16-18 tonnes / ha , an increase of 0.3 t / ha compared with the previous year .
Clinical picture , a Khmer farmers planting onion morning shift hamlet , Vinh Chau ( TX Vinh Chau , Soc Trang ) of farmland have 2 red onions , harvest yields reached 1.8 tons / public traders to home purchase onions for $ 25,000 / kg . He Sang said : " After high season crop production soon , I seeded with the transfer and application of science and technology , IPM to reduce the production of fertilizers , pesticides and the day care that does not yield reduced , the big onion , bright colored and have a distinct aroma , sell high prices , excluding interest expense was 50 million . "
Plant onion has a long stick with contempt farmers Yongzhou sea , is the pride of this place Khmer . Talk to us, the farmer planted onion seed onion confirmed are planted in Yongzhou not consistent with the soil , which yields high bright shiny purple and distinct aroma nowhere may be , should be left to the market in a long time and favored by foreigners , has solved thousands of jobs for local workers , contributing to poverty reduction for people quickly .
Phuong Nghi / Report NNVN
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