Bustling vegetable market up to Tet holidays

Update: 1/13/2014

Currently, locally grown vegetables served in the Mekong Delta Tet market was vibrant season . Traders scurrying to find in the specialized areas for ordering , purchasing put to the place of consumption.
The days of Tet , the New Market district isles - An Giang province , is considered the largest vegetable growing and each year the Mekong Delta to Cambodia was exporting thousands of tons of crop types. Upon arriving in New Market area isles , see all the air out of all her children here . People are urgently improve soil , sowing , prepare vegetables to meet market coming Lunar New Year . Many farmers are very excited because this year's favorable weather to grow green vegetables .
Farmers Hon Dat district ( Kien Giang ) harvest festival procession sale
Farmer Nguyen Van Nghi , in AP 2 , Hoi commune , Cho Moi district - An Giang is the cabbage harvest festival 7 soon , said : " This year the weather mutually beneficial , less plant cabbage worm clearance , increased fertilizer cost reduction than the other . servers shows that traders scrambled in order to harvest the field , I just need to wait to charge up the table . cabbage yield reached 40 tons excessively / public , current prices are also at -3 400 3,200 VND / kg , so this could also pocket a few dozen million as play . Mr. Yi said , after eating this wealth for me to finish the renovation of the wooden wealth distribution , plant breeding to mares down Monday . kind of cabbage this new crop harvest 3 months , so watch for my next harvest sale in February next year , at any time the price of vegetables and sauce " .
At the center of Cho Moi district , there are dozens of warehouses gathering up hundreds of tons of vegetables per day , and are distributed everywhere in the country . In addition to the usual vegetables , farmers in New Market also grow watermelon fruits sold plaited round . After the rice harvest is complete , farmers on seed sowing , about 24-25 festival can be harvested . Growing watermelon capital but heavy , laborious care , but received high interest from 5-6 million / public , after deducting expenses .
Tran Van Thanh in Hoi An ( New Market ) , perennial melon growers said : Since the model is replicated planting watermelon , higher interest income than rice farming , most farmers here only make a crop , planting melons 2 . After the melon harvest festival is complete , farmers continued to Backward melon . With stable output , hopefully this year the festival season vegetables are seasonal prices , people continue to stick with growing vegetables , contribute to improved family life , bringing economic - social development of the local .
As for leeks , mustard ... , farmers have started harvesting early to housewives promptly processed into pickles dishes prepared for the festival . Hon Dat district , Giong Rieng is the local color movement vegetable serving the traditional festival of Kien Giang province . Annually , when the season started floating down the busy farmers to be drained down the shore like colored vegetables such as leeks , onions , cabbage ( pickled reform ) , watermelon ... Mr. Dao Xuan Nha , head of Agriculture and Rural Development Hon Dat said: " vegetable festival season usually begins in early December from the service ."
According to Spain , vegetable growing area of district annual festival is about 500 ha , of which specialize in this type of 50-60 ha . The local town is planted Soc Son , My Thuan commune , My Thai , American Association Son ... Compared with rice , vegetable planting techniques and requires higher investment costs but also higher incomes than 3 - 4 times . Just a bumper crop for vegetable festival , has won as a year income with rice .
Ms. Nguyen Thi Le , a farmer for growing vegetables in the My Thuan commune , said: " In this type require a large capital works do , per hectare investment costs amounted to 200-250 million. But also very attractive profit , leeks yield reached 35-40 tons / ha , sale prices to traders from 10,000-12,000 VND / kg , rate 40-50 % compared to the cost " .
According to Le palanquin festival season has now started to offer and usually ends about 10 days before the new year so that buyers could also pickled . According to the experience of farmers selling vegetables SX Festival , vegetable prices during the holiday sales are usually higher than from 2,000 to 5,000 VND / kg ( depending on type ) compared with the normal month . Besides traders to find buyers to take the field , so the output is more assured .
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