Sweet potato KLC3

Update: 1/14/2014

KLC3 's new sweet potato varieties by the Institute of Food Plants & plant food research , selection and creation . Since 2012 - 2013 SX test conducted in several provinces , resulting in yield , good quality , fewer pests , nice design .
Make Doan Ngo , Deputy Director of the Institute said CLT - CTP , KLC3 is bred from seeds pollinated varieties HT3 mother . Tree stands half body form , forked heart -shaped leaves , growing healthy , hardy fairly . Winter growing time about 110-120 days , spring 140-145 days . Regarding performance , the earthquake is about 19-20 tonnes / ha , the rate of starch is from 4.3 to 4.7 tons / ha .
In 2012, Vinh Phuc , the SX test KLC3 Hop Thinh Commune ( Tam Duong district ) and scattered in Vinh Tuong district , Lap Thach , Song Lo ... The winter 2013 , the Institute continued coordination with DOST Vinh Phuc put just about SX KLC3 try to Binh Dinh Yen Lac district . Temporary cultivated from 15-25 / 9. KLC3 be planted at a density of 37000-42000 cord / ha , equivalent to 1300-1500 wire / rod Tonkin .
Mr. Dao Van Long village Quan Yen , Binh Dinh said , on 18/9 family began to make beds . Wires are grown KLC3 a row , between rows straight , constantly connected together . Wire must be buried deep into the ground and only open 2-3 leaf tops on the bed surface .
According to Mr. Long , sweet potatoes are easy to care for , less prone to pests and diseases . However KLC3 " eat " distributed over a number of conventional varieties . Reckons briefly , he told at least 1 perch collected about 7 tons . " That is my only computer to the roots . If you need to make those small bulbs should be close to 1 ton , "Mr. Long said cheerfully .
Long said his wife , current wholesale price of yam is 10,000 VND / kg . Each pole minus all expenses , his wife and several Long earned million. Mr. Kim Van Khanh , chairman of Binh Dinh Farmer said last winter there are 2 registered farmers' associations participated try KLC3 SX . " The growers said potatoes are easy to grow , yield , good quality ," said Khanh share .
The amount of fertilizer needed for 1 ha consisting of 8-10 tons of manure , 60 kg N , 30 kg P2O5 , 90 kg K2O . Fertilization for KLC3 is divided into 3 phases are applied underwear , dressing times 1 and 2 . When applying primer , manure should be mixed thoroughly with flour ground at once and then sprinkle on the edge of a trench . Then mix 1/3 of the amount of urea and 1/3 of the amount of potassium and sprinkle a little flour on the edge of the ditch soil remaining .
Before placing the same wire , coated with a thin layer of soil on the stool. After 2-3 days may be watered lightly . Four times 1 after 20-25 days after planting . We need fertilizer third urea nitrogen and third ribs potassium chloride into 2 beds . Then 10-15 days , 2nd conducting dressing , meal notes urea nitrogen and potassium chloride remaining .
On the water , where possible, should apply enough irrigation ditch 3 times / season at 30 , 60 and 90 days after planting . From day 25-30 after planting is necessary to press the branching tree tops help , fast tillering and canopy cover . 45-50 days after planting , farmers should lift cord and cord trimming leaves .
Regarding pests, like beetles KLC3 largely galaxy , worms eat the leaves and root rot damage . With equipage , people can deduct biology by pheromone traps . Except leaf insects can start manually or using drugs Tiper Alpha 0.25 % . To prevent root rot , people should limit watering in the final stages , it is best to plant potatoes on high still barefoot .
Mr. Ngo Khanh Lan , Director of DOST Vinh Phuc said , this unit will continue to coordinate with the widespread application in the district SX models . Not only Vinh Phuc , model SX KLC3 in Thai Nguyen , Hai Phong , Hai Duong also be appreciated . The average yield of KLC3 reach 20 tons / ha .
Dr. Nguyen Tan Hinh , deputy director of the Department of Science and Technology and Environment ( MARD ) is evaluated KLC3 sweet potatoes quality , good performance , nice shape . However , note the enhanced guidance she care to achieve high uniformity potatoes .
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