Big galanga harvest season at the end of the year

Update: 1/23/2014

Currently harvesting topical Galanga , however this year farmers face many difficulties when Galanga low price . This has significantly affected the income of farmers and the position of the arrowroot plant in the locality of Tuyen Quang .
Arrowroot area of Tuyen Quang province is nearly 1,100 hectares , concentrated mainly in Yen Son district 650 ha , 350 ha Chiem Hoa , Binh Lam 70 ha .... In recent years , Galanga plant has gradually asserted role and its position in improving the lives of her people in rural areas , especially in the local society as Action Force , Xuan Van , Trung Truc ( Yen Son), Kim Binh , Quang Vinh , Phu Linh ( Chiem Hoa ) ... However, this year's harvest hardships farmers when prices are low arrowroot .
Galanga harvest season  
According to the fact-finding at the local , we know , Galanga prices on the market currently at 650 to 700 VND / kg , while the price this time last year arrowroot reach from 1,500 to 1,800 VND / kg . With current prices , excluding investment costs of fertilizer , seed, hire and train transportation is not nearly as profitable farmers . So now some farmers are reluctant psychologist with more trees .
Mr. Le Tien Mai , Chairman of Van Xuan , one of the local growing area of ​​greatest arrowroot Yen Son district said the commune had more than 100 hectares of Galanga plant . This year arrowroot fell heavily , top price for only 500 VND / kg but in recent days the price has moved up 650 to 700 VND / kg , so the farmers have almost no interest . In addition to weather factors , not affecting the sun dried Galanga powder products , the production facilities are not clean Galanga powder , fine powder output has caused many traders , but with no luck local products have also powdered Galanga as the price drops .
To address Galanga devaluation , many farmers had intended to leave the arrowroot plant and switch to other crops in the coming season , the number of processing units arrowroot was also reduced from 34 basis ( in 2012 ) to now only 27 basis . According to him , the many local Mai in other neighboring provinces simultaneously arrowroot plant as Yen Bai , Son La , Bac Kan , Cao Bang, Bac Giang should increase the Galanga of roots , whereas the processing units increase not significant , there are also factors meal prices in major markets such as Hanoi are reduced , so the purchase price arrowroot tubers must also decrease.
Ms. Mai Thi Nga , 13 neighbors , Tan Long ( Yen Son ) said this was 3 years arrowroot plant crops to become the family's main income . So this year the family continues to grow nearly 10 perches arrowroot , but to harvest 700 VND / kg as currently causing loss of family fun . So unless fertilizer costs , shipping rates only family around 6 million. But still have work to do to get the harvest rate , if more than past late harvest period arrowroot powder volume is considered as lost garden.
In recent years , Tuyen Quang has policies to encourage local development arrowroot plant production-oriented focus as commodity : Bringing plant arrowroot into the value chain of production of goods TNSP project .
In the building that has made the processing factory of FHS eastern cooperative Triumph and training for group members to cooperate in technical Galanga production , processing and preservation of communal forces in eastern Onions , Yen Son district , two models done arrowroot production of new varieties in society deposits , Lam Binh district and commune Operations Forces , Yen Son district , supporting farmers factory clean arrowroot starch , training processing residues for the organic components after processing , minimizing the negative environmental harm .
However, Galanga plant continues to sustainable development need the authorities have reasonable policies in the planning of the Galanga plant development , support farmers from growing and processing , to the stage of consumption sales ... Along with that , the processing facilities also need to raise awareness of their responsibilities in the development of quality and prestige products on the market .
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