Highlands got dual pepper season

Update: 2/24/2014

In those days, farmers in Dak Lak province in particular and the Central Highlands in general is entering pepper harvest season . Thankfully, after a lot of time in the target area of ​​the province is infected , target mass death ... and now pepper the season , is the price .
Up to now , Dak Lak province has more than 9,750 hectares of pepper , which has nearly 5,500 ha target for harvest , most concentrated in the Cu Kuin , Ea H'Leo , Residential M'gar , Krong Buk , Krong Nang , Buon Ho town , Krong Pak and scattered in several other localities .
What makes farmers very excited here is currently on the market price of pepper has always remained quite high , averaging 140,000 -150 000 VND / kg . Especially dry grain prices are type 1 traders buy at the garden from 170000-180000 dong / kg , an increase of nearly 40,000 VND / kg compared to previous months .
Dak Lak farmers harvested pepper in psychology excited pepper harvest ,
In Dak Lak area where there is a large volume and not to mention Cu Kuin about 1,500 ha , with an area of ​​595.3 hectares business goals , focusing primarily on the Bhok Ea Ea Ning , Hu Ea Ea Text ... Currently farmers are conducted locally harvested pepper 2013-2014 season , with an average yield of nearly 3 tons / ha , which is expected this service district will spend a total yield obtained in 3000 tons .
Towering climbing on a ladder to pick targets on the top rail , to see us , he Kien ( Block 6 , Ea Bhok , Cu Kuin district , Dak Lak ) and the applicant has quickly fallen : " I 'm picking five criteria Head this must have been to 12 kg dry and no play . If you spend any office and this office our farmers rich but soon you sir .
My house has 1ha , the average consumption pole planted with 110 offices , are being harvested , previous crop due to unfavorable weather average output per head consumption of 6.5 kg dry only. This year the amount of results like this will certainly yield higher with about 7-8 kg dry pepper / office . What makes our farmers are delighted that pepper prices were achieved for the first 140-150000 / kg " .
Are huddled pepper harvest , Le Thi Ha , Ea Text , Cu Kuin said : "My family has about 500 offices consumption . This year should spend more per head season also reached 7-8 kg dry , well sure if harvested at about 2 tons of dry pepper . In our Cu Kuin , on average each year about $ 1 mt , while the B'Hok Ea Ea Hu , Ning Ea another new variety , which has collected more than 10 tons of household , household collected over 15 tons of dried pepper " .
Pepper crop harvest this year , more than the market price of pepper has always remained quite high , so many farmers in the locality as Krong Buk , Krong Pac , Buon Don ... and step into the center harvest management excited .
Mr. Le Van Hai , Ea Nhon , Buon Don district office currently spend more than 800 plant and harvest are for the third year , expected to yield about 2.8 tons of pepper , rose 1.2 tonnes from the previous season . With the current market price , this scandal Hai planned to raise about 420 million.
According to the calculation of the target farmers with this price , each hectare of pepper farmers can gain revenue from 300-350 million, excluding all interest costs are also on 50 % . This is the ideal profits . However, it also warned more dangerous consequences such as : Breaking planning other crops , or in those with stage business objectives will require care beyond the normal nutrition . So easily lead to overuse of chemical fertilizers , pest infected pepper .
Further economic profit despite people to the land , the climate is appropriate or not , massively pepper , does not comply with the technical process , leading to disease spread , target mass death . Not only that , with current prices , many farmers have cut down to grow coffee consumption instead. This is also a major threat to the sustainable development of this crop .
Faced with rising prices , Vietnam Pepper Association and the local branch function has repeatedly warned people not to rush in the state at any cost , ignoring the recommendations .
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