Tien Giang: Coconut prices increase

Update: 2/26/2014

Currently, coconut prices rose from 50000-55000 copper / dozen to 65000-70000 copper / dozen. Prices of coconut continues to rise in the near future. 
The reason why coconut price increased was due to the dry season, the temperature increase over the previous, beverage coconut water demand increases. 
The area planted to coconut water is rapidly growing in Tan My Chanh, My Room, Dao Thanh (Ho My Tho) and the neighboring commune of Cho Gao district, the area is slowly replacing inefficient rice cultivation. 
Farmers often planted coconut red Siamese by sweet fruit, high yield. 1 Average of coconut in 20 days to harvest about 2 million, while the low-cost care. 
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