Dragon fruit exports : Competition fierce

Update: 3/3/2014

VINAGRI News - Recently , dragon fruit growing area is constantly expanding , constantly increasing output by dragon bring high profits for farmers , while a number of countries around the world and implement a plan development of this fruit .
Massively dragon
In 2-3 years , the price dragon is usually high , farmers planted fruit trees this " cash in " get rich quick . Just so , the dragon fruit growing area in Tien Giang province , as well as the provinces / cities in the country are continually expanding .
Mr. Vo Ngoc Diep , Head of Cooperation dragon Luong Phu Luong Hoa Lac commune , Cho Gao ( Tien Giang ) said traders now buy white flesh dragon garden at prices ranging from 28000-30000 VND / kg , higher than last month 3,000-5,000 VND / kg , red flesh dragon 60,000 VND / kg , higher than 10,000 dong / kg . This dragon is the highest price in 10 years . " Ever since the beginning of 2013 until now , the price dragon is constantly high, except for some time dragon " fell " down to 9000-10000 VND / kg due to transportation difficulties in the central flood victims "Mr Yip said.
A cooperative group of 22 dragon Phu Luong household production in an area of ​​40 hectares ( 10 development plans ha / year ) , dragon fruit production for market supply reached 1,000 tons / year . A cooperative group is dragon Phu Luong U.S. Department of Commerce export codes are implemented and trusts associated with JSC An Phu Irradiation ( Binh Duong ) to perform processing before export fruit to market U.S. . Currently, cooperative group Luong Phu dragon is also building process agricultural production towards VietGAP good .
As many farmers have experienced dragon fruit , dragon fruit prices will continue to lie at a high level by sucking off season goods , demand in the first year ritual occasions the glass in the Chinese market and the rising water . After harvesting this dragon phase , the garden will continue to handle light burst dragon fruit in 5-6 months to catch high prices when other kinds of fruit at harvest yet .
Mr. Huynh Hong Flushing , 1,000 farmers dragon head on a 2.5 hectare village in Quang Khuong , Quon Long Commune , Cho Gao ( Tien Giang ) said , every year on 7 year old dragon can handle 3-4 round off season with an average yield of 20 tonnes / ha , after deducting costs about 30 % of sales , a dragon against farmers for remaining approximately 300 million / ha . Also, dragon fruit also 7-8 in the round of agreement ( the unnatural light without steam ) to yield 30 tons / ha .
Due to the high efficiency in recent years farmers in Tien Giang Province massive renovation, expansion , new plant dragon dragon area leads to surge . At Cho Gao district ( local dragon fruit growing area of ​​greatest Tien Giang Province ) , dragon fruit planting area " springing " up all over the place , even in the society like never before planting the fruit trees . Even in acid sulphate soils Tan Phuoc district or suburban commune , My Tho City also started planting dragon rekindled .
Competitive pressures increasing
Under the Plant Protection Department ( Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development) , at present, Vietnam dragon fruit has been exported to 30 countries and territories , including the market demands high requirements on quality and hygiene food safety , such as the U.S. , Europe , USA , Japan . 2013 , exports reached dragon than $ 150 million , up from $ 5.8 million in 2003 , of which Vietnam has exported 1,200 tons of fresh dragon fruit to the U.S. with relatively high prices . From early 2014 to the present , many enterprises still are pushing bar complete collection orders for U.S. partners .
Despite achieving outstanding results dragon but next time will be under pressure due to intense competition than many countries in the region have started planting fruit trees this . According to Prof. Nguyen Minh Chau , Director of Institute of Fruit Tree southern Taiwan have now can handle dragon fruit throughout the year and China has implemented plans to plant 20,000 ha of dragon fruit . Although China only grown dragon fruit development and adverse weather conditions but with the financial capacity and modern farming techniques , Chinese farmers can also handle dragon fruit all year round .
Before challenge of export markets can cause negative effects on production and consumption of water dragon , Prof. Nguyen Minh Chau said that Vietnam should plan to spread the fruit production so not " in touch " with dragon from Taiwan , China .
On the other hand , enterprises should strengthen the promotion, market expansion dragon fruit exports to the U.S. and Europe , reducing its dependence on China . At the same time , scientists have studied enhanced , hybrid varieties of dragon create new , high quality to increase competitiveness with dragon fruit grown in other countries .
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