Anise price increases in unseasonal season

Update: 10/3/2014

VINAGRI News - Growers in Lang Son is excited about fresh anise prices increased continuously in recent days .
The province of Lang Son in 32,500 hectares of forest , an average production of 5,000 to 10,000 tons in dry / year . 2 star anise crop , main crop from July to September and next season is from November to April next year .
This time , growers in Lang Son province is entering the season of the harvest with full joy , newly acquired by the price . Currently, the price of fresh anise in Lang Son is the root traders buy from 8000-10000 / kg , higher than from 3000-4000 VND / kg compared to the time before the New Year .
According to traders and growers in northern Lang Son province , cause prices to rise like fresh anise is now due in 2013 in Lang Son anise should crop yields in dry scarce on the market . In addition, because the moment fresh anise old enough exposure to drying shrinkage is not much .
However, in anticipation of the cultivated salmon, fresh in prices will likely rise even more in the last month in March .
Hoang Van Huong /
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