Vietnam and Mozambique to develop agricultural cooperation

Update: 3/13/2014

On 11/3 , Vietnam and Mozambique signed a collaborative research agreement , development of food crops and food crops in Mozambique for the period 2013-2017 .
Artwork . (Source : Ming China / Vietnam News Agency )
Under the agreement signed in Hanoi , Vietnam will help Mozambique implement research and development of food crops and food crops , with a total value of 43 billion VND ( 2.1 million USD) , of which , Mozambique contributed $ 210,000 to the capital .
Cooperation Agreement between the two countries to train researchers , building models of food crops and food crops to help Mozambique boost agricultural production to increase rice production , decreasing the amount of imported rice . In addition, the project will also test the model developed soybeans , sweet potatoes and vegetables ... to ensure food security and increased income for farmers Mozambique .
At the signing ceremony , the Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development Cao Duc Phat stated: Vietnam Government appreciated cooperation with Mozambique in various fields over time , including cooperation in agriculture , such as : exchange of genetic resources , building models in rice farming , rice cooperation Agreement .... more an effort by the two countries to promote cooperation in agriculture.
Also at the signing ceremony , Ambassador to Mozambique in Vietnam Gamiliel Sepulveda Joao Mozambique Munguambe stressed commitment along with Vietnam will implement the project achieved its objectives , each step contributing to agricultural development , security food and enhance the lives of its citizens . / .
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