Dong Nai has edible fungus production up to standard VietGap

Update: 3/18/2014

According to the mushroom growers in Trang Bom District and Long Khanh town ( Dong Nai ) , black mushrooms are currently in camps traders bought for $ 85000-86000 / kg , an increase of more than 10,000 VND / kg compared to the end of February past .
In addition, the price of white mushrooms has increased to 100,000 VND / kg , an increase of about 10,000 VND / kg .
Retail Price mushrooms at markets and supermarkets is 160000-200000 dong / kg . The other fungi such as abalone , mushroom prices also rose slightly .
According to the Department of Agriculture and Rural Development in Dong Nai , nearly a month now mushroom farms are entering the peak harvest , especially mushrooms great season this year with a production increase of 15 % over the same period last year .
However, according to Nguyen Van Hoe , Chairman of cooperative agricultural services Long Khanh , although the price is still low but have increased slightly compared to the same period of time , the reason is not the first initiative for fungal product , so the product of fungi most cooperative consumption by traders should still happen that extorted . Therefore , improving processing technology fungal and find a stable outlet for the current year is still " problem " of the cooperative dilemma .
Mr. Phan Minh Bau, Deputy Director, Department of Agriculture and Rural Development , said Dong Nai more famous for the cultivation of mushrooms , including Long Khanh Xuan Loc , Trang Bom , Cam My and Nhon Trach , annual production exported nearly 10 fungi serve the needs of the market such as mushrooms , abalone white , gray , Japanese abalone and mushrooms .
Dong Nai province is developing mushroom cultivation , led the country with 3,000 mushroom growers , each year on the market to provide 35,000 tonnes of fresh mushrooms , of which there are approximately 1,400 households with large-scale production average of 30,000 bags each grower , growers have up to 150,000 bags of mushrooms including about 60 % , the remaining mushrooms , abalone mushrooms , oyster mushrooms .
More than half of mushroom production in Dong Nai was taken in the consumption centers and supermarkets in Ho Chi Minh City ...
Department of Agriculture and Rural Development said Dong Nai province has enacted policies encouraging the development of fungal profession , striving to reach the province in 2015 to 50,000 tons in production , sales of 5,000 billion / year .
Department of Science and Technology through provincial programs , schemes and projects , in collaboration with a number of local as Cam My district , Tan Phu support farmers to build hothouses grow mushroom cultivation and is working with the Long Khanh Xuan Loc farmer organizations towards VietGap mushroom production , branding forward for mushroom products Dong Nai .
Mr. Nguyen Van Hoe said that in 2014 , in addition to improving the quality of products aimed at rebranding " eat mushrooms and medicinal mushrooms Long Khanh , " cooperative agricultural services Long Khanh also pays special attention to the work exposure in search of trade and expanding markets for fungi , especially mushrooms exported .
Growing mushrooms VietGap standards and the expanding search market is the solution to increase the value of cooperative mushrooms . / .
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