Fresh lime are purchased with high prices

Update: 3/25/2014

Since early March , the price of fresh lemons Mekong Delta provinces to "escalate " steadily every day . Purchase price in the Mekong Delta provinces 29 to 31 March 2009 was the highest compared with the previous year and 4-5 times higher than the offer price . Train lemon purple cotton prices ( 16-18 L) fruit wholesale market in Dong Thap rolled 27,000 VND / kg , lemon paper 1 ( 18-20 left / kg ) at the market Luong Quoi lemon , Ben Tre reached a record 29,000 VND / kg . Facing the towering lemon , Huynh Thanh Hong , Dean of fruit wholesale market in Dong Thap said: Do erratic weather , unseasonal lemon production in the region focused Cao Lanh district, Dong Thap and Tien Giang Cai year crop failure , low output . Sweet month , the amount of lemon fruit wholesale market in Dong Thap only 50-70 tons / day , 30-35 % decrease compared to 2008 ( 90-100 tons / day ) . Items lemon salt (potentially replace fresh lemon beverage in hand ) this year so not much fresh lemon wear jewelry prices rise . Fresh lemon price increase was due to export demand to China and Cambodia , Hong Thanh explains your world exports has always been a priority for packing barn owner before your due to higher prices of domestic goods . First week of April , lemon buying price at two " center " the MD said on lemon dropped 2,000 VND / kg . Quantity of staying still for consumption reduction on the retail market . Lemon purchasing price in the Mekong Delta has stopped and tended to decrease . In an abundance of food , the prices too expensive lemon , lemon Southern consumers have quickly adjusted the menu to the other dishes . System eateries along roads and popular shop temporarily used or switch orange fruit ( green fruit , booking class ) and vinegar replace lemon . Time lemons " price fever " many family cooks Mekong sour tamarind soup choice " to eat well , be well refreshed rai ," rather mixed dishes ( salad ) have lemon . Consumer demand lemon in Hanoi and surrounding areas in the hot sun was still high . Lemon ice water cooling always crowded bar . Mixed vegetable dish poached lemon roasted peanuts ( do not use sour lemon instead ) with or without beef , pork is re " mode" popular , very popular in the hot season . Water boiled spinach with lemon juice eat eggplant is priority No. 1 in the diet of rural people to urban , despite the high prices have little lemon . While the purchase price of lemons in the specialized areas are starting to decline, the Mekong Delta in the South lemon Kim , Nam Dan , Nghe An ( locally rare in northern off-season lemons ) lemon purchase price continues to escalate due to the demands of the short supply chain - retail markets around the region . Purchase price of fresh lemons from the garden at VND 16,000 / kg on day 3/28 reached 25,000 VND / kg - 26,000 VND / kg on 5/4/2009 . Today the retail price of fresh lemons in the city of Vinh to Hanoi still at record 1800-2000 e / left but retailers are heaving inventory was " hugging number ." The general trend , fresh lemon falling prices .

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