Passion fruit "climb" up the Huong Hoa

Update: 3/31/2014

Success of planting pattern in Musk Deer passion fruit, mountainous district of Huong Hoa (Quang Tri) makes people very surprised.

Success of planting pattern in Musk Deer passion , mountainous district of Huong Hoa ( Quang Tri ) makes people very surprised because economic efficiency is much higher than other plants in this locality .

Burning desire

Count bills in denominations of 500 thousand dollars from the shipment has sold a lemon climb , she Vo Thi Thu Hong and Nguyen Van Minh, smiling happily . Sweat and effort poured down along with the desire to enrich his family until she had bumper .

Before that , has many years of planting 25 hectares of forest economy but a decent income but she and her husband Ming Hong and he was not satisfied with forest planting , they always cherished exploring a new crop varieties and valuable put health higher on trials on fertile land with this cool climate .

Recently, after finishing the exploitation of plantation , did you decide to transfer a portion of the economic plantation to plantation family passion . Initially she heard his preparation for planting prevents anyone yet this land ever growing passion , she told him how many ounces dose that, losing hundreds of millions as play money .

Put all doubts aside, early 2013 he decided to breed her with a passion to succeed beliefs . Each day of farm visits , care lemon trees that climb lush , wrong result for her belly as he opened the flag .

After 6 months of positive proper care techniques , in August last point first harvest farm to see his passion she was overjoyed . The first fruit harvest rice , farm harvested Hong sisters than 100 tonnes of passion fruit .

Priced to sell at the garden at the time from 8-10 thousand dollars / kg , Hong Kong , her family received approximately 1 billion.

Focus your attention , your families continue to harvest the lemon next group with higher yields .

Understand the factors that favor the right place at the Direction land Loc pretty good , cool climate , consumer product market stability , she and her husband decided to move the entire Hong forest land to crop harvested lemons climb . In particular , very easy to grow lemon trees to climb , from sowing to harvesting only 180 days .

Very large effective

With passion fruit , harvest season is in the summer but all year round also hybrids rai harvest . The average yield of passion from 40-60 tonnes / ha / year and the income from 250-400 million VND / ha / nam.Voi high economic value so maybe a little lemon tree climbing on a match area and time .

Ms. Hong made economic calculations for unexpected results , with 25 hectares of passion , in 2013, her family harvested more than 1,000 tonnes of fruit , worth about $ 9 billion, excluding the expenses the family has a small income .

Mr. Ho Xuan Loi , Party Secretary , Chairman Musk Deer said that lemon tree climbing high efficiency relative who also want to grow . Coming commune will create favorable conditions for ethnic people to follow .

Normal farm lemon Hong solve her regular job for more than 50 local workers have steady income from 3-5 million VND / person / month . At the time of harvest for all those who do not work enough , you have to hire more seasonal workers .

The triumph of passion fruit trees , her family has opened for Red lands cultivated a new direction .

In the mountainous district of Huong Hoa has many trees made brands such as coffee, cassava , but the witness of the passion fruit farm she and her husband first Hong developments in this area , Vo Thanh , Vice Chairman of Huong Hoa district feel very happy .

Mr. Vo Thanh admitted the successful development model lemon tree climbing back to the district put more new production oriented .

Huong Hoa district in the hope of sustainable development lemon tree climbing . If after a few confirmed cases adaptation of soil conditions and climate Huong Hoa Nam passion and stable prices in the market , with guidelines on restructuring the plant , the district will encourage farmers to switch area change some inefficient plants in the area to grow passion fruit goods .


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