Ensilage fresh shrimp shell meal to make feed for poultry, cattle and aquaculture feed

Update: 5/4/2014

Two shrimp harvest cycle lasts from 12 to 17 and from 28 th to 4 months later . Previously, farmers still drying to spend , but the difficulties yard , weather . Now , scientists have studied methods of shrimp by store , help farmers ensure continuous feed demand .
Peel shrimp head is clean . Molasses , cassava flour and water are combined in the pot before it started to peel shrimp and mix well . Finally, compost material is put into thick plastic bags , plastic buckets have been compressed from the outside and from the inside pushing air out , tie , tightly closed .
After 3 days incubation , lactic acid concentration increased , after 6 days , lactic acid concentration continues to increase . At the sixth day , the crude protein content ranged from 11 % -20 % , inversely proportional to the powder and honey comb function entered . Also on Friday , the rate of bile powder and higher calcium content lower .
From the experiments and empirical research team concluded: Brewed with 25 % shrimp by molasses , supplemented with Lactobacillus bacteria produce lactic acid will quickly make product quickly achieve proper pH .
Peel shrimp head silage as feed for poultry have high nutritional content , can be long-term storage without losing the nutrients in food .
Shrimp by containing a significant amount of protein , can be used as a source of protein -rich foods in the diet of cattle , poultry fish meal replacement . First steamed fresh shrimp or dried using spawn feeding waterfowl great because in addition to protein , it also provides calcium and pigment is essential in creating the shell and yolk quality . Moreover, the cost of food production from the raw material used is lower than fish meal . In addition, the processing and use of this product can also contribute to reducing environmental pollution source .
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