Hai Phong get into jellyfish season

Update: 9/5/2014

Fishermen districts Son, Kien Thuy , Thuy Nguyen and Cat Hai ( Hai Phong City ) is excited these days because of the jellyfish season .
At fish landing Ngoc Hai Son , almost every day and spread jellyfish white fish grounds . It is filled with foam box jellyfish cut and packaged , shipped . Chinese businessmen were also present on the spot to unload . Nearly 10 seafood processing plant here , purchased the entire Milkshake . Each factory employs 20 workers for each shift worked , and continuous 3 shifts / day .
Previously, when processing jellyfish , it only took part of hand , foot and brain jelly , body drop to drink sea , causing environmental pollution . Now, jellyfish are exported , the entire jellyfish is used , after soaking in fresh water , cleaned , salted and alkaline detergent for white and trimmed in plastic bags containing , wooden box packaging . Each box jellyfish weighing 10-12 kg , the price of 150,000 VND / barrel . Each work shift , a repair shop may close 1,500 barrels . Each of labor in the workshop is VND 200,000 / day .
Factory workers Fisheries Son , Ngo Duc Street while waiting for the ship to dock enterprises , said cheerfully : " From now until mid- April is the season hitting lunar jellyfish . Having hit the jellyfish or not depends on the water and the moon . Being right in the middle of the month so much jellyfish , from 1 pm until 3 o'clock yesterday afternoon , the boat hit the dock with jellyfish jellyfish constantly filled cavity harvest " .
According to him the Way, in the season , as the fishermen hit by huge income from jellyfish occupy half yearly income . Around 7 this year , Hai Phong jellyfish are exported to China , even before people hit the trigger should mainly consumed in the province outside the province is best , but also cheap prices .
Nguyen Thi Trang , wife of the owner of the fishing vessel in Son Hoang Dinh Dinh , also said: " One day , a fishing boat from 100-500 head jellyfish . Houseboat on the basis of processing the collected immediately , no longer which brought to market . jellyfish Each cost about 15,000 dong , 20,000 dong children to have , not only beat up that fear sells . median income of fishermen after hitting jellyfish season , from a small boat to boat to be about 10 - 40 million. every year is our milk is somewhat reassuring to craft their living on the sea before . "
Manh Quang  / Thanh Nien News
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