Growing Grape seaweed in ponds

Update: 6/8/2014

At Nui Thanh district, Quang Nam province, more than 1,000 ha of water surface for aquaculture tank.

In the past years, failures in shrimp farming ponds so many had abandoned. Recently, a pilot model Japanese seaweed farming grapes in abandoned shrimp ponds in households Nguyen Duc Xuyen Binh Trung village, Tam Hai commune, on the surface area of 1.000m2, was initially successful ...

According to Nguyen Duc Xuyen, the technical assistance and seed fisheries III Institute DARD Nha Trang and Nui Thanh district, he himself like seaweed nursery were 4.2 quintals of grapes. 3/4 like seaweed, he drop in the pond, the rest he put into blisters woven bamboo.

"Compared with previous shrimp, seaweed pattern I found this Japanese grapes more effective. Grape seaweed trees do not require high-tech, less time consuming, easy care, fast-growing and short harvest period, slightly more than 1 month and 2 months after planting. Rong grapes farmed approximately 1 month, length distribution is approximately 6 I started harvesting.

To date, over 3 months of trials, I have collected more than 3 tons of grapes seaweed from the abandoned shrimp ponds. Preliminarily processed, sold for 60 thousand / kg, I gain nearly 90 million. Currently my grape seaweed products were canned, send product introduction in a number of restaurants and shops in America and put TP.Tam consumption in Nha Trang (Khanh Hoa) ".

Ms. Ho Thi Thuong- Chairman ND Tam Hai commune, said: "Model grapes grown in shrimp pond seaweed is consistent with sea Tam Hai commune. So far, many communes have abandoned ponds. On the other hand, it does not affect the environment, low cost investment that economic efficiency is high. I'm citizens mobilize farmers to replicate the model in response to growing seaweed in shrimp ponds grapes in the commune. "

But Nguyen Dinh Son, Nui Thanh District Deputy Agriculture and Rural Development said: "The model seaweed farming grapes in abandoned shrimp ponds in Tam Hai commune basically succeeded. Rong farmed grapes are attractive in some countries such as the Philippines, Japan ...

In our country, seaweed widely planted grape in Ninh Hoa district, Khanh Hoa province and TP.Cam Ranh. Grape street food is delicious, nutritious, can treat or reduce intestinal diseases such as diabetes, high blood pressure ... There is Rong sea grapes stimulates digestion and kill bacteria.

Currently, Nui Thanh district are fully subject seaweed farming grapes in shrimp ponds for replication across the district. "


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