Add new direction for the An Giang Fisheries

Update: 9/30/2014

(TTMT) - Diversification of aquaculture species to increase economic value for farmers and fisheries sector is moving in the right direction, but in terms of livestock for export, for a long time, An Giang only "toxic most "with the fish, while the other seafood have great potential. From this fact, a number of enterprises (companies) in the province has embarked raising tilapia and testing was successful, open up a new direction for the province's seafood exports.

Tilapia farming areas of South Vietnam, which has taken the direction of the authorities in handling environmental and planning.

Open market

With prices from 4 to 5.3 USD / kg (depending on the market, port of arrival, payment method, quantity and delivery time ...), tilapia has become a full export of farmed prospects. 10 years, in a number of countries in Asia, if Vietnam leader in export fish (turnover of $ 1.6 billion / year), the leader in Chinese tilapia exports (metals revenue reached $ 1.3 billion / year). The export market is the largest tilapia United States, Japan, Britain, Germany ... According to the Vietnam Association of Seafood Exporters and Processors Vietnam (VASEP), seven months of 2014, only the United States has imported 86 766 tonnes, indicating export market tilapia huge world.

An Giang has over 1,500 hectares of water surface for aquaculture. But turnover is not commensurate with the advantages and potential. "We make a lot of seafood farming, but mostly only for domestic consumption rather than exports. These objects have the potential to export, livestock production is not met. This is a practical need to think "- Mr. Le Trung Dung, Deputy Chairman of An Giang Fisheries Association, said.

Quickly planning

2013, standing before the economy crisis continues, a number of enterprises (companies) in and outside the province have links with farmers and purchasing tilapia exports. If in Dong Thap Hoang Long Company (IDI); 404 Tho, An Giang River in the Sea with South Vietnam, An American. The purchase price of 32000-34500 / kg. With this price, farmers profit from 2000-4000 dong / kg. To stabilize the foot for export goods, some enterprises have invested in the form of animal feed crooked. Specifically, the South Vietnamese were stocked in six crooked 2,532 breeding areas in provinces such as Long Giang, Binh Phuoc Xuan (New Market), Binh Thanh (Chau Thanh). Every crooked size 6 x 12 x 4.5 m. An American farming villages in the region of 180 crooked Peace (Binh Thuy commune, Chau Phu). "Planning farming areas and environmental remediation are 2 issues that businesses are facing difficult. At this time, the province has no detailed plans that would allow the tilapia - which was supposed to go to zoning before actual deployment of the enterprise, while this is a promising target species, the programs serve high-tech applications in agriculture effectively but we have problems "- owner of a business confide presentation.

Take tilapia export program of the province is a necessary move. Currently, the average export price of tra fish from 2.2 to 2.4 USD / kg, 6-month culture period, feed conversion ratio (FCR) was 1.55 - 1.65kg food for fish 1kg weight gain. While tilapia, the indicators mentioned but the value is equal to more than double exports fish. Currently, 1kg tilapia farming until rates from 2000-4000 contract, while the fish are "dreaming" was not found. And only animal feed production for export, the new variety, the life of the majority of new farmers is improved. This is a new way to restore the household economy, the farm economy is inherently formed in the province in the early 90s of the last century.

"For tilapia, what is this program is implemented DN-pocket costs (no need to budget funds), while in other districts, provinces have spent hundreds of millions for the organization model, but their products are not exported. This means that managers need to study, consider tilapia soon as the roads are put into key programs, produced for export in the shortest time. Having exported the new farmers we expect large scale farming "- Mr. Nguyen Thanh Tam, Tan Phu district farmer, said.

 Minh Hien
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