Ca Mau: Exploiting jellyfish: a new profession of fishermen Silver Stone

Update: 10/20/2014

Major Le Duy Nhat, Deputy Head of Border Control Station Silver Stone, Don Border Doc Rivers said, for many years the fishermen catch jellyfish dumped for not only get to know what to do. From 2011 to present, based purchasing, pre-processing of jellyfish Bui Van Ky (Ky him from Nha Trang to) help many fishermen have additional income from jellyfish.

According to his experience of America, the source of Ca Mau sea jellyfish appear most often in 7-9 months time from lunar. Jellyfish usually lethargic floating near the surface, so construction started pushing te bottom procession and procession of local fishermen are catching more jellyfish. Currently, the basis of his day purchasing period from 400-500 jellyfish baskets, each basket containing about 40 kg, 1 basket price is 35,000 dong.

Part jellyfish though after preparing salt export market.

After purchasing, you hire local people of America to conduct pre-processing step jellyfish. The first step is to cut jellyfish into 2 parts, including body parts and though. Part on whether the mill will cut into long strands together. The body was cut manually with a knife, but also to have fiber, then turned to the tank. During the filming tank will use an electric motor mounted propellers to mix jellyfish while shooting. Whether the camera section about 8 hours, turning the body around 12 hours. After that period, jellyfish enough fiber stiffness, workers check and take out clean.

The next step is for jellyfish into plastic containers for salt. Average of 100 kg of jellyfish about 40 kg of salt. Time salts from 7-10 days. When jellyfish move from white to pale yellow is. Just about 10 kg of fresh jellyfish, it is 1 kg dried jellyfish, jellyfish have a tough time meat and crispy. Part though is consumed in Ho Chi Minh City, Nha Trang, Ba Ria - Vung Tau, Da Nang ... and the body is sold to the Chinese market. According to the current market price, 1 kg dried jellyfish is 320,000 dong. America Does he continue processing more jellyfish bakery products for export to Thailand.

Mr. Nguyen Van Cong, Hon live hamlet Economics, Khanh Binh Tay Commune, is the means employed procession closed bottom, said: "In the past, each time dragging the bottom to see the jellyfish into the bored, having to choose to drop out in addition, many of the long stuck shed the dead, causing environmental pollution. Since purchasing units jellyfish, they are excited too, thanks to the jellyfish that families have more income ".

According to Mr. Gong, now every day of his vehicle operators from 60-80 crates jellyfish, peak day up to 150 baskets, collected from 2-5 million.

The United Kingdom, said current seaports rejected in approximately 30 active means of profession on the exploitation of marine jellyfish and regularly on sale for you every day. In addition to enabling the owners of vessels operating at sea with high income, then at his facility States often have 20 - 30 local employees.

Nguyen Thi Linh, indicating AP Silver, Khanh Binh Tay Commune, the workers of America jellyfish him, sharing, family problems, job instability, due to work in processing facilities jellyfish that every day she income from 100000-200000 dong. Anh Duong Anh Khoa, Hon hamlet Economics, Khanh Binh Tay Commune, in addition to daily farm work, he enlisted to transport the jellyfish from processing facilities to transport automobiles and salt on the basis of he United salts jellyfish also have income from 150000-200000 dong.

Collection center, in a multi-step processing jellyfish initially brought economic benefits for many households means nearshore marine craft activities and resolve employment for local people, and is a good sign Ca Mau fishermen on marine resources that have long been left open. However, to exploit and protect aquatic resources, the authorities are required by Mau inspection, appraisal reserves of jellyfish in the waters of Ca Mau to management measures, as well as the exploitation technical guidance fishermen efficient exploitation. /.

Le Khoa
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