Dried Sea horse

Update: 10/29/2014

Sea horse or hippocampus is the common name of a genus of animals living in the ocean in the tropics. Seahorses length 1.6 cm, 3.5 cm long species. Seahorses are considered a valuable medicinal species in East Asia, especially in China and Vietnam.
Seahorses are marine fish of the genus Hippocampus and they Syngnathidae, including pipefish. They are found in tropical regions and temperate countries around the world.
Seahorses and pipefish genus 2 is unique in that the male "pregnancy" and childbirth.
Seahorses really a fish. It is above the pectoral fins and dorsal fin nearly brought beneath the body. Some species of seahorse are partly transparent body, it is difficult to see in the photos.

- W: 320 - 350 pcs / Kg
- Size: 18 - 19 cm

- As buyer's request

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