Specialties 'bamboo shrimp' and the village of Binh Dinh

Update: 2/26/2015


Những con tôm hùm làm bằng tre được treo khắp nhà tạo ấn tượng mạnh với khách tham quan

The father of this unique product is a physician Nguyen Minh Chau, 87 years old this year, the artisans have extremely deft hand with a lot of creative handmade products. According to Nguyen Phuc Son, the eldest son of the physician Pearl, before creating unique specialty bamboo shrimp, his father was quite popular with the other products, such as cotton used to make these finches look the same as true, or cover art ... After the sparrow, painting up ... outdated, he turned to the study of European art products other, and when accidentally seeing random chunks of bamboo side by side very similar to the back of the shrimp, shrimp bamboo ideas appear. The lobster made of bamboo are hung around the house to create a strong impression with visitors. After several revisions, compared with crawfish true, then edit, until 1987, Dr. Zhou has a bamboo shrimp looks like the real thing, and that this product gives physicians award crafts national occasions in a display at a trade fair in Quang Ngai. "At first, the land shrimp with bamboo section accounts for more than 90% of raw materials, the first line of shrimp products are selling family income and family enough to help us enough to maneuver life occupation continued, "Son told him. However, over time, customers do not like this product, so his family to explore Son to give birth to larger lobsters, beautiful color, but also components of bamboo products had fallen to 50%. As he paints, each pair of lobster prices from 350,000 to 1,000,000 VND depending on product size. Lobster largest 750 mm long, not including the beard. Small shrimp, the first line of the family home of the family physician Asian shrimp, the composition is nearly 100% bamboo current price of VND 200,000 / pair. According to his Son, the shrimp, the hardest part is shaped curve naturally to stoop. To do so, select the song to round bamboo, cutting obliquely to select chunks with different sizes, then merge them in order from small to large. The tail shrimp are small pieces of bamboo, which is split thin, brushed smooth, radiant ratings. Besides bamboo shrimp, Asian family physician also the other animals such as crabs bamboo, stork ... The traditional village at An Nhon The visitors had once had the town Nhon, Binh Dinh should spend some time to visit traditional villages here. Nhon Loc, for example, where Bau Da wine production, famous specialty of Binh Dinh. Bau Da wine seriously but sweet, taste, color in. Name wine is named after the village of Bau Da, Cu Lam village, Nhon Loc town Nhon, Binh Dinh. In the past, the village had elected by the junction of two rivers form. Confirmation of the two rivers flowing, especially in the flood season, empty the sand above and below the ice layer, so called elected stone, and people from around the country took to living intercession. Over time, forming neighbors called Bau Da. Remarks lobster crude product line is favored by the market, is up rig to prepare new clothes to wear layers. Today, this intercession has been filled, and now only the green paddy fields on the old elected position. According to some people in the village, Binh Dinh province is currently planning puller land, restore the status quo elected to preserve ancient stone monument to the village. From Nhon Loc, keep going west - north about 2.3 km, visitors will come to the village with traditional Thai noodle specialty known as tsunamis. To make noodles, one for powder, processed, in perforated pipe and forced to run through the formation of noodles. In the past, only two holes tubes should each have two strands, or tsunamis, runs through. Since then bun called a tsunami. Some camps where readers go to another is called the Spirit bun. Noodle made from mung beans to higher nutrient content than rice noodles. In addition, there is a tsunami bun other advantages which are held long after processing, chewy noodles, when fried, cooked when not stick together. Each sign bun 185,000 contract price. In addition to specialty bun tsunami, also very famous Thai martial arts through the verse "whip Easy Transfer, Thai authorities". From town center Nhon, go north about 4-5 km, visitors will come to the village with traditional wooden Nhon Hau lot of unique handicraft products. Wood Nhon Hau Village is a village which means, after the introduction of more technical carving artisans from the north, now the products of Nhon Hau extremely rich, beautiful and consumer markets to the Middle Korea, Taiwan ...

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