Villages coconut fiber - Attract rural workers

Update: 2/26/2015
Villages coconut fiber Thanh (Mo Cay Nam) and Khanh Thanh Tan (Mo Cay North) Ben Tre province was certified in 2006. village golden age have to do hundreds of coconut fiber , located at 2 successive waterfront Thom, and belongs to the commune Thanh Thoi B 4, An Thanh Khanh Thanh Tan and Tan Hoi. Total production each year hundreds of thousands of tons of various products, contributing to thousands of local labor.
Villages coconut fiber - Attract rural workers
Workers exposed coconut fiber.
Particularly in the commune, Tan Thanh Khanh most prosperous period has nearly 100 establishments, concentrated in the village of Tan Hung, Tan Vinh Loi and Treatment. Each day, a manufacturing facility from 3-5 tons of dry and only from 2-3 tons of wet only; basis with the number of workers from the east 30 workers or more, every day can be produced from 15-20 tons just the kind.
Thanks to operate effectively, the village has contributed to economic development - Khanh Thanh Tan society, making the rural areas renewal date, the standard of living of the people has been gradually improving, promoting the building cultural life and building a new countryside.
In recent years, the production only Khanh Thanh Tan coir stable operation and has a tendency to increase, but the number of establishments decreased (from 100 in the 2006-2008 base, now reduced to about 40 establishments). The reason coconut price fluctuations, unstable materials. Especially, the improvement of technology to improve product quality to meet the needs of export markets, many small manufacturing base loss and dissolution. Many establishments and conditions which developed into enterprises, large production. Although the number of establishments decreased, but the quantity and quality of goods is increasing.
Regarding raw materials, coconuts after purchasing the boat transported, sold for loading facilities ashore and put in peel. Type coconut shells from 800gram or more large ships sold to coconut, coconut smaller type extract of rice sold to the manufacturing facility desiccated coconut, coconut shells sold to coal production base sintering, selling coconut water coconut jelly base. Particularly coconut shells are fed to the crusher, the coconut fiber products, after drying is pressed into the event or vehicle only, exports to the Korean market, China, Taiwan, India.
Workers villages with relatively high incomes, who do heavy work like peeling coconut coir just beat the average daily income from 300-400 thousand dollars, people who work every day exposed to light as well for $ 150 - 200 thousand dollars. Nguyen Van Thanh (40) in the hamlet of Finance University, Khanh Thanh Tan, coconut peeling employed basis Huynh Van Vinh, Vinh Tri village, said: "Peel 200 coconuts is 35 thousand dollars, the average Each day a strip about 2 to 2.5 thousand left, earn about 350-400 thousand dollars, with the first day on solid strip left three thousand, five hundred thousand dollars of income. " Ms. Le Thi, in Tan Binh District North Cay, dried coconut fiber employed for Tan Phuoc Resources Ltd. said: "Every day, I earn about 200 thousand dollars, exposure is only light work, but it must be difficult in the sun throughout the day, especially the ultra-month intensive to collect rain and sun to dry only ".
Ms. Nguyen Thi Thien - Director Tan Phuoc Resources Ltd., specializes in producing coconut fiber, said: Every day companies produce 20-30 tons only, the number of workers over 30 people per day. Coconut few months, the company must hire boats to neighboring regions purchasing shells, coconuts, the number of workers from 35-40 people.
Villages coconut fiber Tan Khanh Thanh not only create jobs, increase incomes for workers, but also help increase the value of Ben Tre coconut and the Mekong Delta provinces.
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