Update: 2/27/2015

Fresh ginger rose vertigo

No fresh ginger year high prices this year. Beginning of May 2/2014, farmgate 40,000 VND / kg, to mid-June rose to 80,000 VND / kg.

Information on by Tran Van Thanh - Chi Farmers Association president Hamlet 1, Hung Long, Binh Chanh District, Ho Chi Minh City said.

Talking with PV, Vo Thanh Phong (1 implies Village, Long Hung Commune, Binh Chanh District) said, before his family mainly grown vegetables. Do some years unstable price instability, in April 2012, he moved over 2,000 m2 ginger trials. Islam cultivated by non-technical, inexperienced, ginger killed many.

Ginger prices almost doubled over the past 2 months
Do not be discouraged, I rummage around looking for information on books, learn about the plant before applying for garden ginger family. Ginger proper care techniques, develop good. "Now my family has grown to 7,000 m2 ginger. This year people who also excited because the sale price up to 75000-80000 / kg "- he said cheerfully performer.

Similarly, Tran Van Tung, lives in the same commune, said: "My family has been growing ginger over 10 years. Previously a difficult economy, capital originally bought 11 kg ginger seed testing only. Since then, every breed has grown recently, thanks to a few years to win the auction, are seasonal so far I have 5,000 m2 ginger ".
Tung said, ginger is not only a popular spice in the cuisines of Vietnam, it is also useful herbs for health. Because so many uses ginger markets increasingly open.

About reason ginger price spike, many farmers said, because this is the season ginger season should yield no more. At the same time last year many rainstorms, large amounts of ginger rot should yield decline. How much ginger harvest, traders to take advantage of all garden purchasing for resale companies to export, supply does not meet demand should ginger sauce increasingly scarce and prices.

Nguyen Thi Lan, a ginger traders in Thu Duc wholesale market, said sources of fresh ginger give HCMC mainly of the Central Highland provinces of Dak Lak, Dak Nong, Buon Me Thuot, Lam Dong province and the region West, plus sources of Chinese ginger. Private Chinese ginger is some traders do not buy again pushing prices up so high.

According to the understanding of PV, now farmers are struggling preservation of the harvest. Vo Thanh Phong said, want to sell ginger higher price must be preserved for a long time, sold in the off season, but how to preserve? If preservation of 100-200 kg within 2 months, people can do; but preservation of 1-2 tonnes of ginger or more people we can not do, ginger plant will grow soon.

"This is an issue that concerns farmers, agriculture hope more attention, guidance, technical transfer process planting, care and preservation of the ginger harvest for farmers to apply, improve high yield, and quality ginger towards export markets. "
Currently, ginger products of Vietnam has exported to foreign markets such as Laos, Cambodia, Malaysia, Bangladesh, India ...

According to Van Hieu (Agriculture Vietnam)

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