Growing ginger in plastic bag economically efficient

Update: 5/3/2015


Those who have many years of experience in planting ginger says New Marketginger for veryhigh economic efficiencybut to give rice to grow ginger is right too ... adventurousBecauseone,two first cases are very precarious due to lack of understanding of its characteristicsinexperienced,from which many people may find beneficial though that dare not grownbut who has planted willloveSomeone was waving to get rich from gingerspecialized living by planting and sale of gingerThis yearCho Moi district has about 40 hectares of land for planting gingerconcentrated in the communes of My AnKien ThanhTan AmericaHoi An, Hoi Dong ... an average yield of 40tonnes / ha.

Mr. Ngo Vanchairman of New Market said Farmerperceived economic value of itbut the gingerplanting movement has not been as popular as the other crops, we have exploredinvestigatedresearch and implementation of farming methods ginger in plastic wrap from may 3-2004manyfarmers responded and had a bumper crop of gingerso farmers now no longer an anxious fear ...when the first losses planting gingerBecausewith this new method of saving costslabor care,easy to detect and treat disease control measures quicklyThere are people who have never doneanything upland fieldsthrough understanding and effective that many people do also love and decided to give it a trydo not expect to achieve results beyond expectations ...

This is the case of Ms. Vo Thi Thuy Phuong, now 34 years oldten years as well known hairdressersin Long Quoi VillageLong Dien B Communeso that suddenly rotate to grow gingerMake use ofvacant land around the houseshe bought 120kg Phoenix ginger varieties grown on coated 1.500.Currently, her ginger has 6 months oldvery greenpassing everyone will compliment her "skill".Ms. Phuong said this phase of ginger are well developedand very quick to bloom bulbsJust yesterday tuberosity to see it expandedbringing numerous land for itso the next day to see rootsprotruding overknowing how things had to cross curling up care that goes "crowd darling." HerGinger today is about 1.5 kg / wrapShe adds phoenixwaiting through the country in July is toalways sell ginger varietiesyields are certainly much higher.

And Mr. Vo Van Lonwho specializes in living by planting and sale of gingerwith over 25 years experience growing gingerhe understood each of its propertiesso winning season every year.This yearhe planted 7 cans of ginger and said grow ginger in plastic wrap for a positive effect andnot risking as planted on the fieldHe hoped that with this new method ginger cultivation wouldreally be interested and will become the crop of local strengthsCurrently, about 15,000 young ginger price / kgginger seeds about 21,000 VND / kgexcept for the cost of all words over 20million / publicAccording to himthe ginger is the largest exporter in the countryJapan, China, Thailand and Cambodiabut also forms spontaneous purchaseno agency or organization standout attention properly signed purchase contracts with foreign producers assured farmers.

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