Purple Japanese sweet potatos in Tra Vinh province

Update: 3/16/2015


Purple Japanese sweet potatos are planted in nearly 280 ha, by farmers in Duyen Hai district, Tra Vinh province, mainly in  Truong Long Hoa Commune.
The good news is the price of stability potatoes this year from 3,800 to 4,200 VND / kg, after deducting net interest expense of planting more than 50 million VND / ha, much higher than rice.
Coastal district currently has more than 170 ha harvest of sweet potato, the average yield of nearly 20 tonnes / ha, an increase of about 3 tons / ha compared to last year's service.
Season potatoes down into the rainy season the water is less then 4 months and farmers started planting to harvest.
Highlights potato tubers are big, fat tastes sweet ... broad market should be favored traders, buying domestic consumption and export to China, Cambodia.
Currently, the Truong Long Hoa Commune always 5-6 points for purchasing organization yam farmers to harvest where traders to take the place of purchase to the end product.
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