The effects of pure rice bran powder! It's "amazing"

Update: 3/25/2015

Effects of rice bran is pure wonder what ??
Distinction as follows: Very much you misunderstand the bran milled rice bran from rice husk, rice bran alone corrected husk and bran are two completely different types of bran you okay. Bran is the husk bran from rice husks are milled rice bran powder adhesive layer on grain after shelling.

As the number of layers should stick chalk powder is very little pure rice usually get at the rice mill, rice bran is normally produced in the process took the floor at the bottom of the site or a little bag of rice during transport .
Average 1 kg of rice obtained 100 grams of rice bran, rice bran contains a lot of vitamin E is good for skin but by the amount of rice bran so often the little shop doped husks or bran to increase the weight (if bath white bran husks will irritate the skin, you'll know right away).
Exfoliating with rice bran
Pure rice bran will help us to remove a layer of dead cells easily without struggling to sit for hours and get soaked sponge red rub both.
Method: Pour the rice into the tub, and then directly use this water for bathing. You can also use the best rice powder deposition characteristics that apply to your entire body and massage.

When dry, the rice layer continues until the end. Wait for dry powder and then washed with natural rice water. Finally, the cold water is clean again.
Reduce the efficiency of rice bran oil
Take 2 tablespoons rice bran, buckwheat flour 2 tablespoons, 2, 3 drops of lemon juice and a little warm water and mix together into one mix.

Apply this mixture to your face clean with warm water about 15-20 minutes and then rinse. Do in the evening before going to bed will help reduce oily skin.
With the effects of pure rice bran this, hope will be useful and help beautify 1 Eva naturally and safely. Pure rice bran at our company absolutely 100% pure. Not mixed with impurities. You can use rice bran to make every day beautiful

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