Shrimp shell powder

Update: 3/27/2015

Shrimp shell powder as by-products of the processing industryShrimp was removed beforefreezing or after processing is handled by drying or dryingOn the market today there are anumber of custom powder-old shrimp on the raw materials used.

It may contain shrimp or prawns parts such as the head or shellshrimp paste can also be made ​​from fresh shrimpIn shrimp powdercrude protein is part of a form of chitin.
For animalsspecifically pigs should not completely replace fish meal shrimp shells with chaos,because high levels of chitin salary
will affect the digestion of pigShould not exceed 50replacement of fish meal can stimulateshared growth.

For the chickenshrimp powder can replace fish mealsoybean meal in broiler dietsReplacement rate ranges from 25 to 65for fish mealand 50ddeens 100for soybean mealShrimppowder is also used as a supplement in chicken pigmentationFor laying hens, the replacement ratefrom 5to 25%, it did not affect performance and egg quality husbandry

For seafoodshrimp powder is very good food for fish due to high crude protein and highdigestibility (84.29%) it stimulates the growth of fish.

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