Demand for fish meal in the EU decreased

Update: 3/30/2015
Fisheries Vietnam) - Department of capelin fishing this year was slower due to bad weather, however, the main reason is because the demand for fish meal in the EU is low, leading to a surplus of fish Icelandic capelin.



General capelin fishing quota in Iceland in 2015 was 390,000 tons. As of 23/01/2015, output reached 123,000 tons exploitation. Fishing season lasts through December 3. high quality fish meal of Iceland, CIF EU reached $ 2,000 / ton. Fish meal of Morocco, Mauritania lower $ 1,750 / ton. However, low demand is not concern with the capelin fishery. Fishmeal market movements always have time instability of the year, conventional, fish meal prices will rise at the end of the year. Currently, the Peruvian fishmeal prices will fall to attract customers in the EU. Peruvian fishmeal prices are kept at $ 2,600 / ton.
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