Successfully refined wood pulp high quality of Vietnam

Update: 1/4/2015


Scientists Vietnam successfully refined wood pulp Vietnam nearly quality Canadian wood pulp with lower cost,potentially replacing Canadian wood pulp as raw material Nitroxenlulo modulation.

This is a striking result of the project "Research use of wood cellulose Vietnam Nitroxenlulo used in the preparationof production launcher replacement drugs imported wood pulp" by Dr. Phan Duc Nhan and young research groupat the Department of propellant explosives, weapons Sciences, Academy of Military Technical done.

According to Dr. Phan Duc Nhan, the researchers purified wood cellulose achieve the technical requirements for use as raw material for producing modulation Nitroxenlulo propellant in the laboratory scale was interested in finding out from the group in early 2010.

Successfully refined wood pulp high quality of VN

The findings were confirmed by internal resources of the country can fully refined Vietnam wood cellulose intoproducts meet the technical requirements for wood pulp used to produce Nitroxenlulo replace imported wood pulp. From the above results, the group has proposed and the Ministry of Science and Technology tasked to implement the project on.

Dr. Phan Duc Nhan said the NC was prepared by nitrosation refined cellulose material (cotton, wood ...), and thewidespread use of civilian and military uses propellant manufacturing, quality link adhesive binder ...

Raw materials used in the preparation of cellulose Nitroxenlulo for propellant manufacture high quality requirementsas α-cellulose content of 92% for wood pulp and 96% for cotton, other quality indicators very closely.

Currently, to produce labels Nitroxenlulo, Vietnam is to use cellulosic materials are refined and imported wood pulpCanada and the United States, China Cotton ...

"Wood pulp refining of Vietnam after being sent for analysis and capture quality according to the method ofuniversal standards on KCS Office, Factory Z195 and Technical Center Weapons, Military Technical Academyhas met full technical requirements for wood pulp into the preparation nitrated Nitroxenlulo, with quality equivalent to the Canadian pulp and lower costs, "Dr. Phan Duc Nhan glad to share.

He's said today the group has recommended the authorities for permission to open the subject at a higher level in order to complete the study mode technology refined wood pulp paper mills, wood pulp refined using Nitroxenluloto make labels, test propellant manufacturing plant scale to the application and transfer of research results into practice Nitroxenlulo and propellant production, every step toward completely replace imported Canadian wood pulp exchange.

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