Study on isolation of collagen from the skin of catfish

Update: 4/17/2015


Collagen was extracted from the skin of Tra catfish (Pangasianodon hypophthalmus) followed by enzymatic hydrolysis to isolate hydrolysate collagen. Tra catfish skin with 50% dry matter is collagen in total 69% protein is a suitable source for collagen production.
To remove non – collagenous proteins, the skin was mixed with 0.4% NaOH in ratio of 1:10 (w/v) for 48h at 5oC. With pre – swelling in acetic acid 0.5 M for 97 minutes at 5oC, collagen extracted with water at 40oC had a yield of 91.20%.
The extracted collagen was hydrolyzed by Corolase 7089 at 55oC; pH 8 for 240 minutes got the average molecular weight of 4 KDa. The freeze-dried product was milky white powder, neutral pH, and protein content over 90%, ash content below 2%, low content of lipid.
The product can be use as material in food and cosmetic production.

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