Production of cashew nut shell oil

Update: 6/25/2015

From the beginning of the year, this sector of Dong Nai has exported about 40 tonnes of cashew nut shell oil, earning nearly $ 24 million.
According to The Association of Dong Nai province, annual, manufacturing cashew nut shell oil country was producing about 80,000 tons, of which 60,000 tons exported, earning $ 50 million, Dong Nai own about 60% the proportion of sectors.
Currently each tonne of cashew nut shell oil worth $ 600, while the base every year to remove the entire cashew shell after processing cashew nuts for export, causing a huge waste. Therefore, the cashew nut shell oil production not only bring economic benefits to the enterprise, but also solve the problem of labor, environmental pollution.
According to The Association of Dong Nai, to date production enterprises in Dong Nai has reached tens of thousands of tons / year, up dozens of times over the newly formed day. This is your fuel source for many industrial sectors, such as the manufacture of paints, anti-rust, adhesives, powder brake friction motorcycles, cars ...
The export market also expanded more recently, outside of China also EU, Japan. In particular, China imported a large amount of cashew nut shell oil refined from Vietnam to other products with economic value many times higher than crude oil, including manufacturing adhesive materials of high quality, the type of advanced coating, insulation material, motherboard electronic products, in the manufacture of pulp friction brake ...
So that manufacture cashew shell oil is considered the industry towards sustainable development.

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