The benefits of fermented foods for animals

Update: 6/29/2015

Silage fermentation is the anaerobic digester when the temperature and humidity appropriate . Silage has the following benefits :
- Stock up on food for use in times of scarcity as winter - spring , when flooding ... proactive enough food for dairy cows year round .
- Take advantage of some agricultural residues ( corn after corn receiver , wireless communications ... ) to feed dairy cows , bringing high economic efficiency .
Techniques include cutting silage fodder plants on the appropriate stage , move it into small pieces , compressed into a compost pit , and the pit is covered with soil to prevent water ( rain ) and reached the air . Maybe feed corn silage , corn or dry corn harvest corn , sugarcane tops , natural grass or grass , leaves peanuts , pineapple pulp ...
Conditions necessary for successful ensiling is :
- Must have a silo to ensure standards : the silo to be sure , the pit and the pit bottom so hard to prevent the outside water enters , the silo to clean rugged to be tight and compressed feed easy. After substrate filled with food , compost pits must be covered and sealed with land cover carefully to avoid rain water and air entered the silo .
- Food must be incubated good quality , have fresh , not rotten , moldy . Some plant foods with high sugar ratio as potato , sweet potato ... composting easy , no need for extra molasses . Some other more difficult by annealing low rate path , so to add molasses .
- Ensure food quality in the silo before the humidity around 65-70 % . If the humidity level should expose drained through . If dry food is independent , the elderly , the scales more water ( or watered molasses diluted ) for enough moisture .
- In case of bad weather unfortunately met and can not be exposed , can be treated by dry chopped straw or bagasse , mixed well and incubated with silage crops provide food ( grass or maize food . .. ) .
- Actions annealing ( quality food into the pit ) as quickly as possible and then fill the hole immediately . It is best to cut food from the silo until closing took place on the same day .
- Must be tightly compressed blocks of food in the pit . For this matter , and they each have a thin layer of food and compaction anywhere there. Note the compression on the entire surface of the pit , and compression around the corner hole .

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