Fertilizing dragon fruit with Phosphorite Powder

Update: 6/29/2015

The phosphate fertilizer is obtained by enrichment of natural calcium phosphite, which makes it particularly suitable source of phosphorus in organic farming. It is a multicomponent fertilizer since, except phosphorus and calcium, contains other important for plants macro and micro-nutrients - sulfur, iron, potassium, magnesium, zinc and others.  The high content of phosphorus and calcium makes it suitable for fertilization with phosphorus, as well as for the reduction of the soil acidity.  Improves the overall condition of the soil.

The date of introduction of the Snake Year Quarter, home garden in Binh Thuan dragon'm glad prices turned up 17,000 VND / kg in the garden, more than 5,000 e 2 weeks ago. High prices encouraged growers to fertilize, use of chemical fertilizers and potentially better fertilizer use unbalanced.


Like other crops, dragon want high yield, less disease, no pesticide residues and nitrates are known to take care of the garden, fertilizer use reasonable since the planting pit . Dragon fruit is a drought-resistant plants without water but only in low yield and poor quality.

It is drought-resistant plants by gardens of fruit so good to have deep roots. With the garden has a low or no hydraulic ditch drained the eagle ate only roots on the ground. So before planting should be calculated so that the water shortage, especially in the months 3, 4, 5, and soil must be high enough, to know better slotted to drain the rainy season.

Binh Thuan is a local optimum for plant dragon because the climate is not too dry like Ninh Thuan and Dong Nai as not too damp. The district along National Highway 1 is the Ham Thuan Nam and Ham Thuan Bac, Phan Thiet City is the local optimum for the crop. However, the land in these localities are so nutrient organic fertilizer every 2 times / year and adding mineral fertilizers is required.

Note: Dragon fruit is high yielding crops should this fertilizer for healthy plant stage is very important, fertilizer must not be enough to stem waist. If fertilizer shortage, waist and trunk were many fewer branches, the latter bearing fruit trees are vulnerable to lack of adequate although the four corners.


Can use organic fertilizers or processed form of organic industrial tradition. According to practical experience, dry cow dung compost and straw mulching is most appreciated. The amount of fertilizer in about 10 kg / head / year fertilizer in 2 divided doses.

In addition to organic fertilizers, chemical fertilizers also need that much protein and phosphorus are two main types of fertilizer. If you use super phosphate fertilizer, fused magnesium phosphate or phosphoric should hissing mixed with organic fertilizer amounts Typical 1 - 1.5kg / year. Also need more phosphorus fertilizer DAP, fertilizer every month 1 times 25 gr / office / times. Together with DAP fertilizer urea is 25 gr / office / times. If the use of NPK 20:20:15 NPK + TE uses buffalo to the amount of fertilizer early 80 gr / office / times. Sitz original cabinets and watering again dispersed.

Currently Binh Dien Fertilizer has distributed seeds and Lan 46p yellow 46A + +, only 70% of the fertilizer is sufficient demand. With more nutrient rich soils may be reduced by 15% on the amount of fertilizer.

SECOND four-fifths

Compost: 2 times the amount of fertilizer should be increased compared to year 1. Fertilizer 2 times in the early and late rainy season, the amount of fertilizer 20 kg of dried cow dung compost + 1.5 to 2 kg of super phosphate or melting.

Fertilizers: Fertilizers Periodically 1 month / time dose of urea + 50 gr 150 gr 50 gr DAP or NPK 20-20-15 + TE buffalo head.

FERTILIZER trading period

Year period 3-5: Fertilizer dragon business depends on the number of times as effective. This phase should result only 3 groups of fruits / year, of which 2 groups and 1 case upon case against (running lights). In addition to organic fertilizer 50 kg / head in 2 divided doses beginning and end of the rainy season, fertilizer and straw mulching required amount of chemical fertilizers with N + 500 gr 500 gr and 500 gr K20/tru/nam P2O5 (manure application rules 1.2 kg urea + 3.5 kg + 0.8 kg super phosphate KCl). Divide the fertilizer 8 times / year (1.5 months fertilizer 1).

Stage 6 years later: This phase can exploit 4-5 litters fruits / year but most just do ages 4 results, in that 2 times 2 times for positive and negative cases. Also the amount of organic fertilizer, chemical fertilizer should be increased to 750 g N + P2O5 + 750 gr 500 gr K2O/tru/nam (converted 1.8 kg urea + 3.5 kg + 1.2 kg super phosphate KCl) divided fertilizers made 8 times / year.

LEAF AND FERTILIZER growth regulators

China remains the main market of the dragon so some garden outside customers in Europe, Japan, they still have mass production according to consumer gu China, it is contrary to, cover the ball, big ears and thick. Therefore the use of them and foliar fertilizers, growth regulators are needed.

After harvesting and pruning and cutting, spraying leaves them fertilizer NPK 30-30-10, spray 3 times 7 days / times. Prepare bud spray 2 sprays of NPK 10-52-10, 7 days / times. When the buds out 8-10 days, use of growth regulators and foliar fertilizers 20-20-20, 15 gr / 8 liters. 3 days after flower pollination, use of growth regulators and foliar fertilizers NPK 30-10-10 15 gr / 8 liters. Stage left farming fertilizer NPK 20-20-20 foil, sprayed 7 days / times 15 gr / 8 liters. 15 days before harvest, foliar wife NPKCa 12-0-40-3Ca spray 2 times, 7 days / times the dose of 15 gr / 8 liter

Pruning flowering, prune fruit: Choose 2 well developed buds on each stem and trimming the remaining buds, the buds on the branches should be selected in the two eyes apart. After flowering 5-7 days left trimmed conduct, each branch leaving only 1 left, choose the left well developed, no trace pests.

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