To grow sugar cane on the ground Na Hang

Update: 8/7/2015

TQDT - Compared with many other plants are present in Na Hang district sugarcane crops are high income, stable, her son was in a local intensive focus area expansion. 
According to local people, rather cane with Na Hang soil, can be grown on the land parcel hill, sloping average yield is not inferior to other locations in the province. 2013, in the district sugarcane yield from 60-65 tonnes / ha. 

Implementation of the scheme development of raw sugar Province in 2020, Na Hang district has conducted a review and planning are 332 hectares of sugar cane and this year, the district has reviewed additional 24.24 ha further increasing the total area under sugarcane is planned to 356.24 ha. In 2011, sugar cane presence of Na Hang on land with 30 hectares first case, after much advocacy efforts, policy advocacy and the support of JSC Son Duong Sugar as support for seeds, fertilizers and farming techniques, purchasing ... until 2013, the area was increased to 75 hectares. 
However, there are still many difficulties may not lead to the expansion of acreage under the plan. Up to now, the total acreage of Na Hang district for 2013 - 2014 only reached 84.5% compared to 11.2 ha in 2013, of which, save the original cane area is 55.87 hectares of sugarcane plant is 12.95 ha. It is worth mentioning that the area of newly planted sugarcane sugarcane crop this year of Na Hang district to the present time only 12.5 ha of new planting of 50 hectares of sugarcane crop from 2013 to 2014 (with 25% of plan) . After 4 crops, the area under sugarcane in the district each year increased more than ten hectares, this figure is modest compared with expectations and that the district plans set earlier. Ability Energy Affairs in the planning of the district with the largest 144 ha, but now there are more than 43 hectares of new cane. Sugarcane crop in 2014, Power Ability society plans to plant 35 hectares of new, far reaching social planting just over 5 ha. 
Ms. Nguyen Thi Men, Head of Agriculture Na Hang district that is difficult to expand the area under sugarcane is due to the transport system in many villages was poor, causing difficulty in transporting sugar cane . It also led to progress procurement, transportation of sugarcane has been slow to influence psychological cane growers. The society is not actively reviewing implementation plans, additional sugarcane zoning, lack of aggressive propaganda and mobilization of household conversion of other crops to sugarcane ineffective; Agricultural officials of the Corporation for Sugar Son Duong not actively cooperates with the CPCs to implement and review new plant cane ... productivity, low sugarcane production, sugarcane income than traditional crops such as maize are not really attractive people, hence the cane has not been interested, focused development. In addition, the cultivation of her children is irrational, sugarcane area was small and scattered. 
His family in Nong Van Huan Ne Na, Thanh Tuong nearly 2,000 m2 of land under sugarcane, collected 13 tons in 2013, minus any costs he earned nearly 9 Huan million. If compared with the previous 2 crops of corn, the sugar cane for higher incomes. England manager said she has long used the corn plant because this is what brings the main food source for livestock. Sugarcane for higher income but not much; household cane harvest that week not to buy one, leading to wastage transport, causing psychological pressing for her children. Because of these reasons that some households not want to grow sugarcane. 
The development of sugarcane in Na Hang is an important solution to help farmers increase their income here, get rich. District leaders are determined to steer the communes, towns collaboration with JSC Son Duong Sugar enhance mobilization of people to switch their crop area, 1 inefficient farming to sugarcane. The district is actively reviewing deployment planning area of sugar cane areas in the district; training, technical guides people to plant, tend and conduct cane sugarcane ensuring the planned area. 
Articles, photos: Thanh Phuc

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