Black cardamom

Update: 3/8/2015

Its seed pods have a strong camphor-like flavor, with a smoky character derived from the method of drying.
Black cardamom is often erroneously described as an inferior substitute for green cardamom by those unfamiliar with the spice; actually it is just not well suited for the sweet/hot dishes which typically use cardamom outside the plant's native range.

Black cardamom, by contrast, is better for hearty meat stews and similar dishes. Although the flavor differs from the smaller green cardamom, black cardamom is sometimes used by large-scale commercial bakers because of its cheapness.

In China, the pods are used for Jin-Jinbraised meat dishes, particularly in the cuisine of the central-western province of Sichuan.
In Vietnam, the pods are also often used in Vietnam, where they are called thảo quả and used as an ingredient in the broth for the noodle soup called phở.

Colour : brown
Moisture  : 13 % max
Admixture  : 2 % max
Packing  : 25Kg or 50kg/PP+PE bag or your require
     14 MT/ 20 FCL


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