Quality fish meal in animal feed

Update: 4/10/2016

Quality fish meal in animal feed 
Since centuries, the natural advantage for Binh Thuan one fishing grounds with large resources. Besides seafood high value fish are still small, low-value trash fish. One way to enhance the value of this kind of fish is processed into fishmeal trash fish - the main raw material in the production of animal feed.

Fish meal is made from meat, fish, trash fish, whole fish, fish heads and bones and other by-products from fish processing. Currently in Vietnam fish meal is produced from two sources of raw materials are marine (saltwater) and raw fish (freshwater fish). With the fish and fish products is not guaranteed specifications, obtained after processing of fishmeal used as raw materials for animal feed, poultry and seafood.

In feed the fish meal is considered as one of the valuable components. It tastes delicious and very good quality, provide adequate protein and essential fatty acids to help pets thrive. Therefore, the analysis of the substance in fish meal will help manufacturers know the quality of their products making unit, as well as help buyers peace of mind about the quality of their products to use.

Currently, the Technical Centre for Standards and Quality Binh Thuan addition to analyzing the basic components of fish meal as protein content, nitrogen content evaporates, ... was able to deploy further analysis of other indicators as digestible protein content, fat content, fiber content, ... Vietnam standards and international standards.

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