Update: 3/8/2017


Limes contain antioxidants, including flavonol glycosides-containing kaempferol, which research has shown stops cell division in several cancers. Scientists noted that in several West African villages where cholera epidemics had occurred, lime juice included in the diet protected against cholera, a deadly bacteria-activated disease.

Free radicals can mingle with healthy cells of the body, damaging blood vessels and allowing cholesterol to build up against membranes, which can cause inflammation. That's why vitamin C can be used as a remedy for reducing the painful symptoms of arthritis and the prevention of atherosclerosis (hardening of the arteries), not to mention colds and flu. Because of all these benefits, it's not surprising that foods containing significant amounts of vitamin C, like limes, can actually contribute to lowered incidences of other problems, such as strokes, diabetic heart disease, and cancer.

Lab research has shown that compounds in citrus fruits such as limes, called limonoids, can help fight lung, breast, stomach and colon, skin, and mouth cancers. The interesting factor regarding this compound is that limonin glucoside, which is easily digested, can attach itself to sugar molecules and neutralize the negative affects of the sugar, while at the same time having the capacity to last much longer in the body - up to 24 hours in lab tests - whereas the phenols that come from chocolate and green tea only stay active for four to six hours.


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