What do you know about coco fiber?

Update: 8/17/2017

 The market for carpets is always hot to serve the needs of people who want to decorate their home. In recent years, many new floor mats have been born; Including a coconut fiber mat is very popular. Find out about the coconut fiber mat in our article below.

 Coconut fiber is the part of the coconut shell to be torn; Then through the stages of production of the coconut fiber bonded together closely to form the finished rugs as we see.
Coconut fiber coats are made from natural, environmentally friendly, highly resilient, renewable fibers that are widely used in the fields of civil and construction. Any health risks for the user. Therefore, you can rest assured to use this kind of carpets. 


Coconut fiber mats designed for use in slippery places are very useful, coconut fiber mat is the most intelligent flooring material. Coir fiber is cheap and suitable for the needs of users.

Coarse carpet made of coconut fiber with hard fiber on the front and rubber base should be installed easily and quickly. Coconut fiber used for convenient storage and easy to move. The coconut fiber has high durability when waterproofing ability, against the impact of good external environment.


 Coconut fiber bedding is used in the mattress industry for hotel, hospital, car, salon and other household products; Coconut fiber flooring is also used to cover slippery floor, interior decoration, soundproofing, heat insulation in construction ... due to high elasticity and derived from natural fibers, so very popular in the. developed country.



 Currently, coconut fiber mats have been manufactured in line to ensure quality and variety of color and shape.



 With the information you have decided on the decision to choose a carpet of coconut fiber for your family?



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