The nutritional value of fish maw

Update: 10/24/2017
Recent studies have shown that fish maws contain many collagen molecules, which help to improve the nutrition of human tissues, promote growth, and slow down aging. skin.
Fish maws contain gelatin, lipids, sugar, trace elements and vitamins ...; sweetness; on the kidneys. Fish maws effect ejaculate kidneys, nourish balancing blood vessels, blood only, ephedra spikes. Used for cases of genetics, activity, hemorrhage, blood plasma, tetanus seizures, haemorrhage, hemorrhoids, hemorrhage. Dosage and usage: 9 - 50g by cooking, stewing, frying, frying. When used to soak fish balls with ginger and white wine, squeeze dry.
1.Eggs with fried fish maws
150g grilled fish balls cooked with yellow powder, each time use 15-30g, mixed with 2 eggs, steamed or fried on the pan. When eating, drink with warm water with a little alcohol. Take 5 - 7 days, for women are eucalyptus, menstrual bleeding seizures, menstrual irregular.
2.Fish maws
Fish maws 50g, sausage 3 plants, chopped 1 fruit, green onion 2 - 3 branches, cinnamon wine 1/3 teaspoon soup, garlic 1 tubers and spices. Lychee, sliced ​​chilli; Wash the fish in a short, fish shredded finely chopped, golden yellow, fish out to dry. Garlic is crushed, chopped, not in oil to aromatic, lettuce to fry, then let the cashew nuts, chili and cinnamon wine toast, nut seeds to eat. Put the fish and fry onions, turn quickly and turn off the stove. Appetizer, kidney function. Cure, ejaculation, hemorrhage, blood, hemorrhoids, hemorrhage.
3.Crab meatball soup
10g fish bone, chicken breast bone, head or chicken legs 0.5kg, 200g crab meat, 2 eggs, 100g flour, wedge seeds, onions, coriander, smooth seeds. Fish maws lcleans diced. Root chicken bones with about 2.5 liters of water, picking up foam continuously to clear water; When the meat is tender, remove the bones, add the seeds to the broth to eat. Crab meat mixed with onions, 1/3 teaspoon pepper powder and low oil, stir well. Put the fish and crab meat in a pot of water, thoroughly cooked. Mix with a little cold water, stir to dissolve, add flour to the soup, stirring, boiling. Sprinkle eggs, sprinkle on soup, stir, scoop out bowl, sprinkle with chopped cilantro, pepper. Eat hot. Appetizer, kidney effects, back pain.
4.Porridge fish maws
50g sticky rice, 50g glutinous rice. Clean fish balls, chopped, cooked into porridge, add fish sauce seasoning. For women suffering from lumbar disc herniation, white blood, poor eating indigestion due to kidney failure.
5.Fish maws steamed sugar
Fish maws 30g, white sugar 60g. Clean the fish balls, chop into the pot, add sugar to dissolve in water, boil to water. Eat 1 time per day, continuously 7-10 days. Used for hemorrhoids hemorrhage.
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