Take a look at 5 effects of fresh chili - fresh Siamese chili for human health

Update: 9/18/2019

Green peppers is one of the types of peppers useful for welding patients. At the same time, fresh peppers are also effective in the treatment of blood fat . Dung Dung agricultural products to explore 5 effects of fresh chili offline!

1. The effect of fresh peppers in fighting diabetes:

A 2011 study published in the journal of light nutrition for scientists at the University of Tasmania, Australia showed that: Regular use of chili during meals can control insulin levels in blood, this is beneficial for people with diabetes.

According to this study, people with diets with chili reduced their blood sugar levels by about 60% compared to those who did not use chili. This is good news for those patients treated diabetes .

2. Fresh peppers can reduce joint pain:

Chili is a popular spice in the daily meals of many families, in the chili contains capsaicin , the substance that helps hot peppers. Thanks to this, chili can help people reduce pain by stimulating the resistance of nerve cells. People with arthritis who regularly eat chili will greatly reduce the pain of abuse. That's why pharmaceutical companies have used capsaicin in chili to make pain creams.


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3. The effect of fresh chili helps fight the flu:

Chili is a very good spice for human immune system. Just eating a small amount of chili makes you sweat. Sweating helps cleanse your body and fight off the flu. In addition, chili also has the ability to reduce chest tightness and fight infections in the respiratory tract.


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4. Effectively reduce blood fat by eating chili:

Hot peppers work great for people with high blood fat . Scientific studies have shown that eating foods containing chili, the level of cholesterol in the blood decreases significantly. Chili has special ingredients that help accelerate metabolism to effectively burn fat in the body. So it also has the effect of slimming . These substances also have the ability to promote the secretion of hormones so it also works to beautify the skin.

5. Controlling cardiovascular diseases:

Compared to oranges, peppers are richer in vitamin C , iron, calcium, phosphorus and B vitamins. Each 100 g of hot chili peppers contains 144 mg of vitamin C, ranking first among fresh vegetables. The rich amount of vitamin C can control cardiovascular disease, arteriosclerosis and reduce cholesterol .
The effect of chili is great for health. At the same time, this is also an attractive spice, stimulating taste and creating appetite. Add chili to your family's dishes!
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Some remedies from green paprika effectively treat:

  • Remedy from chili cure hair loss for chemotherapy: Use 100gr of chili Siamese soaked with white wine for about 10 - 20 days. Then apply alcohol to the scalp will work to stimulate hair growth.
  • Relieve stomachache caused by cold weather: Use 1-2 red chili peppers + 20gr turmeric powder into powder, drink 2-3 times / day.
  • Relieve arthralgia, backache with chili: Use ripe papaya 15 fruits + 3 papaya leaves + roots of heaven 80gr only. Bring all crushed ingredients, soak the alcohol in a ratio of 1/2 . Using a massage mixture will work to reduce soreness.
  • Remedies from chili arthritis treatment chronic chili: 1-2 chili pepper + 30gr bone pain wire + 30gr excellent dress for 1 day will give good results.
  • Cure armpit odor: Cut the chili and add it to the iodized pickled iodine. Use the solution applied to the armpits 1-2 times / day.
  • Cure dysentery: Use 9gr of crushed Siamese to drink with sticky water continuously 2-3 times / day will cure.


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The case should not eat chili much:

  • Pregnant and breastfeeding women should not eat chili much : According to scientific studies, eating lots of chili peppers will cause allergic disease in children later. Not only that, chili also affects children through breast milk. When the mother's body is hot, the baby may have trouble sleeping and fuss.
  • People with celiac disease : Hot peppers can cause skin burns, so eating fresh peppers is harmful to the lining of the stomach, especially for people who are suffering from stomach ulcers. At the same time, eating too much chili also affects the digestive enzymes in the stomach causing indigestion. Eating too spicy can also cause stomach ulcers.
  • People with hemorrhoids : The substances like in peppers cause fluid retention in the veins, making the disease worse.
  • People with pinkeye : Patients with pinkeye who eat a lot of chili will make the fire worse.
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