Uses of Coconut

Update: 9/20/2019

There are so may coconut shell powder uses in modern day and so many by-products are created out of this coconut shell.Coconut shell powder is created out by using coconut shell and creating coconut shell powder is not a common product like other coconut based products in market.Coconut shell powder uses to create the range and size of different products and mainly used for create lots of industrial purposes such as create syntactic glues, mosquito coils, plywood boards ect .

Due to the good water absorption and water-resistant qualities of coconut shell powder it’s widely used for so many industrial purposes.Since coconut shell come form the outer heard part of coconut, there are less and its not mixed with contamination of outer part of coconut like coconut coir.

Different Types of Coconut Shell Powder Uses

First coconut shell is broken in to very small pieces by using machine and later it fed in to pulverize.

Coconut shell powder created out of pulverizes then put in to a machine called cyclone. Later the coconut shell powder fed in to a vibrating sewing machine and later it packed according to the required size of the market.

Using quality matured coconut shell is also creating high quality coconut shell powder. The efficiency of the machine which used to create coconut shell powder also uses to get high quality coconut shell powder.

Coconut shell powder got the quality and ability to create smooth finish the surface so the article improves the resistant to heat.

coconut shell powder uses in industries

Coconut shell powder use for different types of industrial and domestic applications such as follows.

Activated Carbon Industry:

Coconut shell powder use as raw material as in active carbon industry and the products which related to active carbons.

Synthetic Glues:

Its also use as a filler for synthetic glues in industries and domestic level markets.

Use as a compound filler of manufacturing different molding powder and other fillers and extenders.

Used for surface finishing liquid product

Use as resincasting and mastic adhesive in industries.

Coconut shell powder uses widely used in bituminous products manufacturing process.

Its also used for heavy duty hand cleaner paste products in domestic can industries uses.

Mosquito Coils:

In South Asian counties mosquito coils are much famous as mosquito repellent and this coconut shell powder is widely use t crate mosquito coils in manufacturing process.

Plywood and laminating Board:

Uses of Coconut shell powder extensively in plywood and laminating board manufacturing industries as resin glue and fillers.

Oil well Drilling:

In oil industry coconut shell powder used as lost circulation materials in the oil well drilling.

Apart of mentioned industrial and domestic applications of coconut shell powder its also used for various alternative materials in the market.

Due to various properties of this powder its widely use for the applications which mentioned above. Its also good quality resources created out of shell of this magical tree.

As we mentioned in our early article there are more than hundred and thousands uses of coconut based product and now we discussed some several useful products which crate only powder of o coconut shell. Likewise there are some other applications and use of coconut shell also. Some of the coconut shell uses, we discussed in our previous articles and some of the coconut shell  powder uses will discuss more on in our future articles.

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