Coconut Milk powder

Update: 12/4/2021

Coconut Milk powder is made from freshly pressed coconut milk. The milk, because it is so high in oils, to make it into a powder it has to have something for the oils to form around and the oils need to not separate from the powder once it is formed. For many years this has been done with maltodextrin as the flocculating agent (what the oils form around to make the powder) and sodium caseinate as the emulsifier (what holds the oils in the powder and keeps it from separating). Many people have wanted kosher and organic coconut milk powder. It is the best ingredient for Currie, works wonders as a smoothie ingredient and is extremely convenient in the kitchen as you can make it as you need it for cooking. And the oils in coconut milk powder make most baked goods moist, when it is used in place of dairy. However, the quality of coconut milk powder has varied greatly from manufacturer to manufacturer. Some companies have created coconut milk powder that is over half maltodextrin!


The owners of Wilderness Family Naturals have been to many plants in Asia, in multiple countries and watched the process of making coconut milk powder. While they have always chosen coconut milk powder that was the purest and most unadulterated product available, it has not been until now, that they have been able to offer a certified organic coconut milk powder, as well. They two coconut milk powders taste very much the same, though the certified organic coconut milk powder is a finer powder, and they dissolve into hot or warm water at about the same rate

How do you use Coconut Milk Powder

Because Coconut Milk Powder (that is low in additives and high in coconut milk) contains so much fat (60-65% coconut oil) both of our powders mix best with warm or hot water. An immersion blender, shaker jar, or other type of blender or hand whisk will work best. However, a fork or spoon will work, they just take longer! Since body temperature is 98.6˚ F (37˚ C), the powder will instantly melt on your tongue!

What is the difference between Coconut Cream Powder and Coconut Milk Powder?

With WFN's coconut milk powder you can make your coconut milk as "rich and creamy" or as "thin" as you want. So, if you want a coconut milk to drink, you use a lot of water. If you want a rich, thicker coconut cream to add to your banana bread or use in a pudding, you use less water and more powder. You can make a great coconut curry by adding a little powder to the juices of your stir-fried veggies

Coconut Milk powder is great as a base for ice cream, can be used as a creamer, but it can also be made thinner and used as a milk over cereal, as milk in recipes for breads or other baked goods, in sauces or with smoothies. Directions to use in multiple applications can be found on the label. In essence coconut milk powder and coconut cream powder are both one and the same and they can be used to make milk or cream!

More ways to use Coconut Milk Powder

Coconut milk powder tastes great right off the spoon! So you can use it in place of powdered sugar for putting a powdery finish on chewy treats or soft raw cookies.

We use this coconut milk powder in our hot chocolate which also includes raw cacao powder and evaporated coconut water (coconut sugar). It is no wonder this product has been so popular. There are a myriad of ways it can be used in the kitchen!


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