Amazing things about cinnamon

Update: 12/17/2012

Cinnamon was actively traded a thousand years before the birth of Christ and a steady trade had been established by Arabs and the people of India even prior to that. 

The Arab word for cinnamon means “fragrant spice plant”. There are many kinds of cinnamon and its cousin cassia. Purists think the best comes from a certain area in Vietnam. 

Buy in small amounts unless you use it a great deal since it will lose its potency over time. Give it the sniff test – if it’s fresh, you’ll know it.

Cinnamon during ancient times.

Cinnamon was used in embalming and as a preservative for meats, since it can inhibit bacteria. Cinnamon was a common flavoring for foods. It was also used in a blend of oils for anointing. During  medieval times  it was used as a medicine for upper respiratory ailments, like coughs and sore throats.

ealth benefits 

It helps keep blood sugar stable. Cinnamon also helps lower cholesterol and is a good source of iron, fiber and calcium.

Cinnamon as a brain booster – simply breathing in that aroma can make you sharper! Yet it also has a calming, soothing, homey effect.

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