Update: 1/23/2013

Hau Giang Province has three specialty crops which are pineapples, sugar canes and cajuputs. Of these, Cau Duc pineapples have the highest economic value. It is not only famous in the domestic market but they have also been exported to Russia and other European countries.

Now, Hau Giang Province has about 1,500ha under pineapple cultivation, of which over 1,000ha belong to Hoa Tien and Tan Tien Communes. Thanks to the suitable soil conditions, the pineapple plants yield big and sweet fruit. In 2006, the trademark “Cau Duc Pineapples of Hau Giang” was recognized by the National Office of Intellectual Property of Vietnam. 
 They have a beautiful shape with a short stem, a small core, bulging eyes, dark yellow meat, few fibers and little water. These pineapple plants yield an average output of 20 tonnes/ha. The fruit weighs 1.5-2kg and will not rot for at least 10-15 days.
A lot of households in the communes have become well-off thanks to growing pineapples. Duong Van Thanh or Bay Thanh, who was dubbed the “King of Cau Duc pineapples” reclaimed the salted alkaline areas in 1975 to grow pineapples and now he has nearly 200ha under pineapple cultivation. 
He said: "When I started reclaiming the land, the soil was full of the roots of cajuput trees and wild plants. As the forest land was left fallow for a long time it was affected by acidity. I had to dig canals, build edges and deacid the soil. I worked very hard to have green fields of pineapples like I have now”. 
Every year he sells pineapples to the factories more than 20,000 tonnes of pineapples which he grows or purchases from other farms, and earns a profit of over one billion VND. He has created many jobs for over 60 people who are children of families of martyrs and war invalids or poor people in the region. 
Cau Duc pineapples are processed into many products, such as pineapple juice, dried pineapples, jams, wine and soft drinks. Even the pineapple leaves are processed into fibers and paper pulp, while the pineapple residue is used as raw materials to produce food for animals. Moreover, people also use pineapples to make delicious dishes, like pineapple sour soup with anabas, fried sweet and sour pineapples with pork belly, and braised fish with pineapples.

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