Vietnam Gac fruit (Spiny bitter gourd) is even better than tomatos

Update: 7/2/2013

Recent researches found that Vietnamese Gac fruit oil also has features to help prevent cancer biology better than tomatos and there are advantages. In America, we call Gac fruit is a fruit from paradise (fruit from heaven).

Tomatoes contain lycopene, an important antioxidant, helping to destroy cancer cells originate. But according to the research by the University of California, levels of lycopene in Vietnam Gac fruit oil $ 70 times more than tomatoes.

On the other hand, lycopene in tomatoes have to be fried with new oil, then it can make biological effects to human body, while unsaturated fatty acids are available in Gac fruit, so lycopene is dissolved naturally. The findings of the scientists made Gac fruit become the NO.1  fruit in the list of useful fruit for human health.

At Haifa health center, experts examined the amount of lycopene in examination of patients and they were completely unexpected because  lycopene is a very positive antioxidant, it is likely to prevent formation ofoxidation of LDL, bad cholesterol in the blood, which would prevent evidence of atherosclerosis and risk of stroke.
There was a research of males, including those with a history of cardiovascular disease and healthy people, normal. The professors had come to the conclusion, people with high lycopene content will get 50% lower risk of heart disease.
According to the International Journal news, if a woman's body contains considerable lycopene levels, the risk of cancers such as throat, rectum, stomach, esophagus will be reduced 5 times, they can disable 75% the carcinogen in general, especially breast cancer in women.
Gac trees are grown in fences, ponds, corners of Vietnamese gardens now have a place in the hearts of Vietnamese and international friends. 
Vietnam Gac not only help children combat dried eyes, blurred vision, intellectual development, help women with ruddy skin, good health, increase resistance to disease, but also help men prevent liver cancer risk, fibroid prostate. So Gac oil ensure healthy and safe life for your whole family.


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