Update: 2/27/2013

Traditional cultures worldwide have enjoyed the many benefits of seaweed for food and medicine. Western medicine is just discovering the relationship between eating seaweed and pain relief.
There are four main types of algae: red, green, blue-green and brown. Although all four offer multiple benefits and uses, there have been considerable studies showing the exceptional power of brown seaweed.

Clinical trials have seen positive results in patients taking Seanol, an extract from Ecklonia cava marine algae, grown off the coasts of Japan and Korea. This ocean plant is much richer in vitamins and nutrients than other land-based plants.

For millions of years, algae has adapted to absorbing the vitamins and minerals that are present in ocean water. Unlike water-soluble land plants that have a metabolic half-life of 30 minutes, fat-soluble ocean plants can deliver health benefits to the human metabolism for up to 10-12 hours.

The brown seaweed and anti-inflammatory extract marketed under the name Seanol, has the ability to scavenge free radicals throughout your body.
These powerful anti-oxidants have shown significant improvement in overall condition amongst patients suffering from pain and fatigue.


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