Vietnam poultry eggs are sold again in Hongkong and some countries in the world

Update: 2/4/2013

The news " Vietnamese poultry eggs are sold again after a time not being sold at supermarkets in Hong Kong (China) and some countries in the world" ,  makes farmers and exporters of poultry eggs extremely excited.

Especially, companies that process and export salted duck eggs cannot hide the joy, when 2013 has just begun.

The number of waterfowls in Vietnam reached 72.5 millions, while  waterfowls of Mekong Delta account for over 41% of those in the whole country.  Although the number of farms have decreased, but the number of ducks of the whole area still very strongly increase, which proved that the scale is increasing day by day.
In the period 2006 - 2011, each year Vietnam exported 40 millions salted duck eggs to tens of countries and territories around the world.
Vietnamese ducks are naturally bred in fields, so quality of yolks get soft, delicious and have natural color with freshness.  Quality of salted eggs made from ducks bred industrially in other countries can't be as good as those from Vietnam because of loose yolks, due to influences from industry food.
Salted duck eggs of Mekong Delta have always kept the number1 position compared to the same products of neighboring countries, having a steady position in Southeast Asia markets.

Those are outstading to be a competitive agricultural commodity  for export, because many countries appreciate these products from Vietnam.
However, due to rumors of bird flu, so from July 2012, Hong Kong gave out "technical barriers"  that makes exports decreased markedly.
With the efforts of the authorities and enterprises from Vietnam,  Hong Kong has allowed poultry products from Vietnam to be  circulated back to this market since January 2013.
Source: - Thu Huong
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