Da Lat vegetables win back market from Chinese produce

Update: 5/13/2013

A wide range of fruits and vegetables grown in the Central Highlands city of Da Lat are being distributed to localities countrywide, surpassing their Chinese rivals to dominate the market.

“Da Lat-grown clean vegetables have been distributed to the central provinces and enjoyed strong growth from the northern market,” said Duong Ngoc Duc, head of the economics office of the city’s People’s Committee. This is an unprecedented achievement, as the northern market has traditionally been dominated by Chinese vegetables in previous years, he said.
Nguyen Cong Thua, head of the clean vegetable cooperative Anh Dao, said this has created a chance for his institution to expand the market. “Northern consumers have also become more aware of problems with Chinese vegetables,” he said.
While his cooperative used to mainly supply the Ho Chi Minh City market, this year 60 tons of production will be sent to Hanoi on a daily basis, Thua said. A standardized growing process is the key factor in this success, remarked Tran Duc Quang, head of the Xuan Huong clean vegetable cooperative.
“We have been following the good agricultural practice (GAP) scheme,” he elaborated.  Their northern partners have paid more attention to product quality and hygiene, instead of cheap prices, and have remained cautious against vegetables with dubious origins, he added.
“Each of the products must have a grower label, so that customers will know that they are buying clean vegetables,” he said.
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